Blüdhaven is a city located in the United States. There appears to be a direct train line from Blüdhaven to Star City.[1]




Oliver Queen (under the persona of the Hood) traveled to Blüdhaven to confront corrupt businessman Marcus Redmond.[2]

The Hood threatened Matt Istook on Star City's train tracks, where the 10:15 to Blüdhaven was about to pass through.[1]

Deadshot was staying at The Blüdhaven Apt. following his retirement until China White hired him to assassinate Malcolm Merlyn.[3]

Malcolm held Walter Steele hostage in a low-income housing complex in Blüdhaven.[4]

Blockbuster and his gang operated in Blüdhaven.[5]

After his breakup with Thea Queen,[6] Roy Harper fled to a shelter in Blüdhaven. When discovered by Slade Wilson and Isabel Rochev, Roy didn't even put up a fight against them and was captured.[7]

Simon Lacroix, aka Komodo, was drunk at a bar in Blüdhaven on the same night that Sara Lance was murdered.[8]

Before arriving in Star City, Tobias Church and his crew killed all the rival gang leaders in Blüdhaven so they could unite all the city's criminals into one "super gang".[9]

On April 4, 2018, Izzy Bowin was to perform in Blüdhaven during her tour.[10]

Ricardo Diaz visited Eric Cartier's night club, asking to meet with The Quadrant. He later returned after an assassination attempt, tying up Cartier and beating him.[11]

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