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"Black Arrow" is an archer and a member of the New Reichsmen, an elite group within the New Reich's Schutzstaffel forces. After a battle with the Freedom Fighters, Black Arrow, along with Blitzkrieg, was knocked unconscious long enough for them to lock him up.


Black Arrow and Blitzkrieg were led by Overgirl to attack the Freedom Fighters. This resulted in the deaths of The Ray and Dollman.[1][2]

Later, Black Arrow reported to Overgirl that Vibe, Phantom Lady, and Black Condor were still missing. Blitzkrieg then informed her that Vibe and The Ray were last seen breaching away with Red Tornado's neuro-cortex, causing her to send them out to find them.[3]

After attacking a rebel outpost and subduing Vibe, Black Arrow, Overgirl, and Blitzkrieg discovered where the cortex was. Through the computer in the base, they also learned of other Earths and of the new The Ray.[4]

Black Arrow joined Blitzkrieg and Overgirl one last time for a confrontation with the Freedom Fighters' army. Black Arrow took on Black Condor during the battle and was eventually defeated. The Freedom Fighters cuffed and captured him, along with Blitzkrieg, having defeated the Reichsmen.[5][6][7]


  • Master archer: Black Arrow is a highly trained archer, able to hit his targets from incredible distances and fire arrows at a fast rate.[1]


  • Black Arrow suit: Black Arrow wears a protective black suit and mask that conceals his identity.[1]
  • Recurve bow: Black Arrow primarily uses a black recurve bow for ranged combat. [1]
  • Trick arrows: Black Arrow carries a wide assortment of different types of trick arrows with varying effects, such as nets and explosives.[1]


Freedom Fighters: The Ray

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Behind the scenes

  • In the main DC Comics continuity, Black Arrow was one of the early villains of Green Arrow, an evil version of the hero from Earth-2, and could be considered an early version of the Dark Archer.
  • It was originally stated by Marc Guggenheim that Black Arrow was meant to be the same character as Dark Arrow.[8] However, this is inconsistent with Freedom Fighters: The Ray, which presents contradictory evidence. Currently, it is unclear what Black Arrow's real identity is.