The Black Canary suit is a suit designed to be utilized by Laurel Lance as the vigilante Black Canary.[1]


Laurel Lance's suit includes a black leather jacket with yellow detailing and fishnet material that is nearly zipped up to her neck with long sleeves covering her entire arms. A bodysuit, pants, a garter-like belt, leg holsters, thigh-high boots, and fingerless gloves are included and all made of leather. However, all of these components seem to be upgraded versions from elements of her Earth-1 counterpart's Black Canary suit. Laurel also wears a black domino mask to conceal her identity, similar to the mask worn by Dinah Drake.


Sometime after helping Team Arrow defeat Emiko Adachi and the Ninth Circle, Laurel got a new, updated Black Canary suit through unknown means. She was first seen wearing the new suit on Earth-2. Following her escape from Earth-2's destruction, Laurel retrieved the suit through unknown means and continued operating as Black Canary on Earth-1, alongside Dinah Drake and Team Arrow.



  • Identity concealment: Laurel Lance uses a black mask to conceal her identity; to keep her friends and families safe from harm.
  • Kevlar: The suit is lined with kevlar; to prevent gunshot wounds to the user.

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  • Earth-2 Laurel's Black Canary suit seems to be inspired from multiple media versions of Black Canary.
    • The jacket is fairly similar in appearance to the jacket worn Smallville's version of Black Canary.
    • The short haircut and yellow details on the sides of her abdominal region are references to the Black Canary in the Birds of Prey comics written in 1995 by Chuck Dixon.
    • The fingerless gloves and yellow piping are references to the New 52 Black Canary suit.
    • The fishnet details on her pants are very similar in appearance to the Black Canary suit seen in the Injustice 2 video game.


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