The Black Canary suits are a series of protective suits worn by Dinah Drake.


Original suit

Dinah Drake in the field

Dinah in her first Black Canary suit.

The suit consists of a grey shirt with a black leather jacket and dark blue/grey jeans which have a chain going along the right side of the front and back pockets, the suit also consists of black boots to help her run.

To protect her identity she wears a black mask which is similar to the old Black Canary suits.

She also wears black leather gloves so her fingerprints can't be left behind wherever she fights.

Second suit

At some point after returning from Lian Yu, she was given a black leather suit with elbow length gloves, short scaled sleeves, and yellow piping similar to the piping on the Flash suit.

Erased future

At some point in the future, Dinah got a short black leather jacket with the characteristics from the former suit, with the addition of a hood upgrated to the suit. She also has stopped wearing the mask.


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  • Identity concealment: Dinah uses a black mask to conceal her identity and to keep her family safe from harm.
  • Kevlar: The suit is lined with kevlar to prevent gunshots wounds to the user.

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