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"They're called Black Glove because they don't leave a trace."
Virgil Getty to Sophie Moore[src]

The Black Glove Society is a crime syndicate operating in Gotham City, formerly led by Marla Elliot.



Sometime after 1972,[1] the Black Glove Society was formed by Marla Elliot along with other wealthy families as a means of treating their troubled children's mental illnesses, while keeping them secret from the public. Over time, however, the group got involved in criminal activities and coverups as their methods grew more underhanded and illegal. Thus, the Black Glove Society's field agents often kept the details of their research hidden from the families who sponsored it.[2]

Following the death of Marla, the Black Glove Society came under new leadership and began performing experiments for Jeturian Industries.[3]

Replicating the Freeze Serum

Jada Jet hired and tasked Black Glove Society with testing and creating a version of Mr. Freeze's liquid nitrogen that would successfully put a person's body in suspended animation without any adverse effects on that person’s body and cells, so she could use it on her son Marquis.[4]

Agent Virgil Getty stole the nitrogen and tested it on Jordan Moore and her friends at the Gotham Expo Hotel, but it hadn't worked. Virgil and other members broke into Jordan's apartment to destroy his evidence and tried to kill Sophie Moore and Alice, to no avail. Afterwards, Virgil stole the right result of the nitrogen that the Bat Team used to heal Jordan and gave it to Jada Jet.[3]

After being captured and tortured by Sophie to tell the truth about Black Glove, Virgil ended up strangling himself to death with his chains.[2]

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Season 3

Behind the scenes

  • In the comics, the Black Glove is a criminal organization with great reach and power dedicated to ruining, and eventually ending, Batman's life. They were apparently led by Doctor Simon Hurt. They were created by Grant Morrison and Tony S. Daniel, first appearing in Batman #667 (August, 2007).
    • In the comics, Jezebel Jet was a member of this organization.