Black Hole was a crime syndicate associated with McCulloch Technologies and led by Joseph Carver, employing light-based meta-human assassins for their crimes. After Eva McCulloch destroyed Black Hole’s depository, killed Carver, and gained power over McCulloch Technologies and the light-based assassins, it is unknown if Black Hole remains operational.


Black Hole was created at some point before 2013.[1]

Black Hole then took in Esperanza Garcia, grooming her into an assassin whilst using her meta-human abilities to their advantage. They would then do the same thing to Kimiyo Hoshi and Millie Rawlins. After Iris West-Allen met with an informant from McCulloch Technologies, The Central City Citizen looked into McCulloch Technologies' involvement into Black Hole; Black Hole then ordered Kimiyo to murder Iris West-Allen on their behalf. However, Iris continued to pursue the lead, meeting Joseph Carver to unearth his affiliation with the group. Despite being unsuccessful, Kimiyo attacked Iris after meeting with her informant, leading to him being killed. Iris then infiltrated Carver's office, using a key from the group to break into a room. She was then abducted through a mirror after trying to gain information from Carver's computer.[1]

Later in 2020, Eva McCulloch destroys Black Hole's storage warehouse. It is unknown if Black Hole remains operational after Eva kills Joseph Carver and gains power over McCulloch Technologies.[2]

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The Flash


  • Black Hole seems to favor using villains/metas with light powers. This is ironic in the sense that no light can escape a real black hole.
    • It may be a twisted metaphor.

Behind the scenes

  • In the comics, Black Hole is an organization of individuals hellbent on manipulating and using the Speed-Force to their ends.
  • Black Hole is also a reference to the evil organization in the James Bond films SPECTRE.


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