"This is a triangulation cartograph. It's a treasure map."
Harrison Nash Wells[src]

A diamond owned by the organization Black Hole that secretly contains all information on the organization’s financial infrastructure. The secrets on the diamond can only be revealed after it has been exposed to ultraviolet light.


At some point gangster John Loring acquired the diamond and locked it in his safety deposit box at CC Mercantile Bank.

Sue steals the diamond.

Sue Dearbon used false pretense to convince Ralph Dibny to help her break into CC Mercantile Bank so she could steal the diamond. Once the pair broke into the safety deposit vault Sue took the contents of the vault and betrayed Ralph walking him behind an electrical fence. As she tried to escape the bank, Loring and his crew arrived after receiving an alarm that the vault had been penetrated. Ralph was able to use his powers to stretch through the building’s sprinkler system and save her from gunfire. Ultraviolet arrived and had incapacitated the gangsters in the hopes that she could acquire the diamond. Sue fought Ultraviolet and then she used Ralph as a distraction to escape. Sue later examined the diamond under ultraviolet light and discovered the information it contained. [1]

When Ralph found Sue again, he revealed that he discovered that her parents were being blackmailed and he hypothesized that she was secretly trying to protect them from Black Hole. Sue then opened up to Ralph and entrusted him with the diamond in hopes that he could use it to help her fight Black Hole. [2]

Ralph later revealed the diamond at a Team Flash meeting and Allegra Garcia uses her powers on the diamond which creates a triangulation cartograph. When the cartograph is lined up with a map of Central City, it reveals the location of Black Hole’s main warehouse. Before leaving for the warehouse, Ralph made sure that he got the diamond back from Allegra.[3]


The Flash

Season 6


  • According to Nash Wells, the stone uses triangulation cartograph.


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