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For the eponymous character, see Jefferson Pierce.
For the similarly-titled episode, see "Black Jesus: The Book of Crucifixion".

"Black Jesus" is the fourth episode of the first season of Black Lightning, and the fourth episode overall. It aired on February 6, 2018.




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"Black Jesus" starts with understudies hurrying to Jefferson, disclosing to him that someone is blowing a gasket in the kid's restroom. Jeff runs into the washroom and sees that an understudy is extremely stirred up. The understudy at that point breaks a sink and tosses it at Jefferson, who's compelled to utilize his forces to stop the understudy.

With the understudy took out, Jefferson discovers they had taken a type of medication.

Anissa sees a portion of her understudies participating in a medication arrangement and stops her vehicle to holler at them to return to class.

Jefferson goes to Gambi to converse with him about the medication, which is obviously called Green Light. Jefferson tells his tailor that he'll be hitting the avenues later.

We see Jefferson prepared soon thereafter, interrogating a group part concerning the medication. He's ready to get a location of a medication house from the posse part before taking him out.

Woman Eve is playing out a post-mortem examination on a body as Tobias looks on. She addresses her worker's faithfulness and hard working attitude in the wake of neglecting to murder Black Lightning quite a long while back. She arranges him to slaughter Black Lightning. As Tobias leaves the room, the body opens its eyes.

Jefferson's talking with Bernard — the understudy who ingested the medications — and his folks. His folks state they got a letter saying that Bernard would be ousted, however Jefferson says he'll guarantee Bernard remains in school. Jefferson claims he has to know where Bernard got the medications and, not needing his life to be wrecked, Bernard gives Jeff the name of Ronald Wright, a street pharmacist.

After his office gets out, Jefferson calls Gambi with the name of the seller. Gambi shares that he's been marking out Wright, who overdosed on his own medications short-term.

At the emergency clinic, Khalil is chipping away at strolling during a non-intrusive treatment meeting as Jennifer is there to help him. Jennifer leaves the room and separates wailing in the passage.

Tobias is seen beating the coroner who initially asserted Black Lightning kicked the bucket. Tobias says that since Black Lightning isn't dead, he should pay with his own life, and Tobias' partner in crime pounds the life out of the coroner.

Jennifer gets home and has a go at moving directly to her room, yet is rather called into the parlor by her folks. Jefferson's disturbed that Jennifer skipped track practice to go to Khalil's exercise based recuperation arrangement. Jennifer shares that she needs to stop track practice so she can invest more energy with Khalil, and Lynn discloses to her girl that in the event that she feels that equivalent route following two days, she'll be permitted to stop track.

The Pierce family is dining with Detective Henderson and his better half. The two families are amidst discussing whether a vigilante like Black Lightning is better or more awful for Freeland. Anissa gets disappointed and leaves the supper table.

On out, Jefferson inquires as to whether she's OK, and she discloses to her dad she is.

Anissa returns to the street pharmacists she saw before and takes them two out. She checks their indispensable signs and understands that one of them is not so good, so she calls a rescue vehicle to the scene.

Jefferson strolls into a bar where he's drawn nearer by a previous schoolmate nicknamed Two-Bits, who's clearly behind the dispersion of the Green Light medication. Jefferson cautions him that the cops are surrounding him and advises him to escape the game.

Jefferson leaves the bar and returns to Gambi's shop. Jeff chooses to get ready and return to the bar where Two-Bits was to deal with the circumstance himself. Two-Bits argues for Black Lightning to not call the cop as this would be his third strike. Jefferson concurs he won't call the cops if Two-Bits gives him some intel, and the street pharmacist obliges.

Jennifer is in Khalil's emergency clinic room, where the last uncovers that a nearby news station has moved toward him about a meeting. Jennifer makes reference to that he's experienced a great deal and illuminates her sweetheart that she quit the track group.

In the wake of considering it, Khalil concludes he'll do the meeting to demonstrate to individuals that it'll take in excess of a shot to hold him down.

Jefferson is meeting with an individual from the Garfield High School board, and they suggest that Bernard is ousted. An annoyed Jefferson is baffled that the board needs to change the disciplinary procedure. Jefferson needs to conclude whether to oust Bernard and keep his activity or conflict with the board's suggestion and hazard being terminated.

Tobias is taking care of his piranhas when his sister Tori strolls in, asking how the two are going to slaughter Black Lightning.

Jefferson's watching the lanes when he discovers Gambi has given him "electric vision" in his goggles, permitting him to see the electric marks everything being equal.

Somewhere else, Anissa is venting to Grace about her folks. The two are drawn nearer in a back street by two hooligans. One of them comes up to Grace and pushes her to the ground, and Anissa utilizes her forces to begin dealing with the hooligans.

Jefferson hears blasts out yonder and goes to look at it. He shows up at the scene Anissa and Grace were at, just to see the hooligans oblivious.

Gambi rewinds the security film from the scene and notification Anissa as the fueled metahuman. He deceives Jefferson, not mentioning to him what he saw on the security tapes. Jefferson leaves, and Gambi arms himself with a shotgun and goes to the scene himself to explore without Jefferson's essence.

Tobias is viewing a news report on Khalil — an expected Olympic sprinter — always being unable to run once more. His sister is in the room, and Tobias educates her that he anticipates murdering Black Lightning himself.

Jennifer strolls in Khalil's room and notification that he has a wide range of new toys and computer games. Khalil reveals to Jennifer that an unknown giver gave everything to him and is likewise dealing with his hospital expenses and his mother's lease.

Khalil's mother strolls in with Jefferson. Jefferson reveals to Khalil that specialists have found his spinal rope is presently totally cut off, rendering him deadened for an incredible remainder.

Jefferson calls Lynn to discuss everything turning out badly among work and home, and she reveals to him they'll discuss it later.

Bernard's father calls Jefferson and reveals to him that Bernard had went to a medication house after their gathering. Jefferson gets ready as Black Lightning and goes to the location Bernard's father gave. He finds an overdosed Bernard, which he's ready to spare.

The following day, Bernard's father is meeting with Jefferson at school. We discover that Bernard has been admitted to a recovery office in order to resolve his dependence on Green Light.

Bernard's father thanks the head and leaves. Jefferson sees his telephone, and he has a voice message from Lynn. He tunes in, and despite the fact that Lynn's annoyed with her significant other for getting into the suit once more, she despite everything cherishes him.

Khalil is woken from rest by Tobias, the unknown giver that was recently referenced. Tobias offers Khalil a fix to his agony.




  • The episode was previously titled "Jagged Little Pill".[1]