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Black Lightning's team is a vigilante team operating in Freeland.


Past adventures

Black Lightning's team consisted mainly of Jefferson Pierce working with Peter Gambi on strategy and tech support.[1] Meanwhile, his daughters developed powers, with Anissa Pierce becoming known as both "Blackbird"[2] and "Thunder", [1] and Jennifer Pierce becoming one of the world's most powerful beings, able to survive the universe-destroying Anti-Monitor Crisis.[3]

Year Three: Invasion of the Markovians

When Lynn was kidnapped by the Markovians, the team was forcibly teamed up with the A.S.A. in order to execute the rescue mission.[4]

Other team members

This causes Tyson Sykes, an ancestor of the Pierce family who lived in Markovia, to want freedom for the Meta-humans of Freeland, by any means necessary, up to and including their deaths if they did not follow his leadership. Sykes became incredibly powerful by taking a Meta booster,[1] that Lynn had accidentally left in the country.[2] and invades United States' soil with a foreign army. Ultimately, the team repels the invaders.[5]

Interpersonal relationships thrive and wither within the team as Jenn and Khalil end their relationship[2] days before Anissa and Grace get engaged.[1] The Pierce family grows closer, deciding that they would not have secrets,[2] but Lynn has become a drug user, addicted to Glimmer, and Jefferson loses his best friend Bill Henderson in battle.[5]

Year Four: The revenge of Tobias Whale

A year had passed since the War for Freeland. Jefferson and Lynn went to counseling because of his anger issues and because of her addiction. Anissa watched over Grace in her coma and Jennifer became addicted to escaping to the ionosphere to grow more powerful. Meanwhile, Tobias returned to Freeland and acted as a honorable and charitable businessman as he moved people and companies, such as Monovista International and the Center for Gene Therapy and Genetic Research, like chess pieces into key positions. Tobias' endgame was to avenge the death of Tori Whale, his sister, by destroying the Pierce family and conquering Freeland.

The Pierce family, which now included Grace, as she married Anissa as soon as she awakened, did not act as a team until Jennifer exploded, bringing everyone together to watch over one another. After Jennifer was "revived" as JJ, Tobias then made his power and influence known by having Lynn arrested as he took the powers of all Meta-humans in Freeland. Tobias then won the election for mayor after Billy Black was assassinated by Tobias' henchman Red.

The team came together one final time to regain their lost powers and take down Tobias' reign. They were successful; however JJ turned out to be an imposter after the real Jennifer escaped from the ionosphere and they sparred; Jennifer emerged victorious and merged with the entity. Having taken down Tobias permanently, Jefferson and Gambi announced their retirement; leaving the team in the command of Thunder, Lightning, Wylde and TC.

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Black Lightning

Season 3

Behind the scenes

  • Black Lightning's team is loosely adapted from the Outsiders, sharing many of their members and goals such as infiltrating Markovia.
    • Jefferson Pierce, Anissa Pierce, Grace Choi, Gardner Grayle, Geoffrey Barron, Brion Markov and Eric Moran are all members of the team who joined the Outsiders in the comics.