"I've been working on something new. Something better."
—Gambi on the latest iteration of Black Lightning's suit[src]

The Black Lightning suits are a series of protective suits that were designed and created by Peter Gambi to be worn by Jefferson Pierce as the vigilante Black Lightning.


First suit

Black Lightning first suit

First suit

Acting as a vigilante known as "Black Lightning," Peter Gambi created Jefferson Pierce a protective suit to also conceal his identity. Jefferson eventually stopped using it when he retired from vigilantism.[1] The suit is very similar to one he wore in later comics. The shirt is blue, black, and gold in color, with the arm sleeves extending to his chest with lightning bolts. In addition, he wore a domino mask to conceal his face. The suit was, however, not bulletproof.

Second suit

Black Lightning second suit

Second suit

Choosing to pick back up vigilantism, Pierce went to see Gambi, who gave him a new suit he'd been working on.[1] The new suit, unlike the first one, is more armored and has more technology built into it. The lightning bolts on his chest now glow blue and yellow when active. In addition, Jefferson now wears goggles as opposed to his original domino mask.

Third suit

Black Lightning

Third suit

After having to work with The A.S.A., under Odell, he gave Jefferson a new suit from a high-tech watch that will automatically materialize when he uses his powers through the watch.


  • Identity concealment: The primary purpose of the suits are to conceal Jefferson's identity from those that may recognize him. The second iterations goggles can turn black in order to further conceal his identity, however, he only seems to do this when he is in the presence of someone who Jeff knows, such as when he did so when in front of his daughters, Anissa and Jennifer.[1]
  • Enhanced Durability: Due to the extensive injuries Jefferson sustained when he wore the first suit as Black Lightning, Peter Gambi designed the second suit to be able to absorb more damage and enhance Jefferson's durability. It has shown to be able to protect Jefferson from gunshots, leaving him completely unharmed.[1]
  • Electric vision: The goggles of his second suit includes the upgrade of allowing Jefferson to see objects that have an electric current running through them.[2]
  • Flight mode: Gambi added a feature that allows Jefferson to boost himself up into the air. However, this feature began giving him headaches soon after using it.[3]
  • Control module: Inside the right gauntlet of the suit is a tiny piece of technology that that is removable, and when inserted, it activates the suit and lights up the lightning bolt symbols on the suits chest, and when removed, shuts down.[3]
  • Gauntlets: Thanks to Gambi's upgrades, the right gauntlet now allows for Jeff to create a thinner flow of electricity, for when dealing with a large crowd of people, Jeff can easily fire the electricity at the intended target. This upgrade also allows Jeff to create a shield of electricity.[4]
  • Communication systems: The suit contains communication systems so that Gambi can talk to Jefferson while Jeff is out as Black Lightning.
  • Camouflage Mode: Gambi added a feature that allows Jefferson to hide in plain sight.

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  • According to Gambi, the suit is the only thing that prevents Jefferson's nervous system from shutting down when he uses his powers.[5]


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