The Black Lightning suits are a protective suits that were designed to be worn by Jefferson Pierce as the vigilante Black Lightning.


At some point, Jefferson Pierce obtained the suit and started using it in his vigilante activities.[1]

After the War for Freeland, Jefferson stopped being the Black Lightning and kept the suit.[2] Peter Gambi kept an earlier version of the suit and used it to test a weapon that can penetrate it.[3]

Later, Jefferson decided to return to wearing the suit and being the Black Lightning.[4]



  • Identity concealment: The primary purpose of the suit is to conceal Jefferson's identity from those that may recognize him.
  • Enhanced Durability: The suit has shown to be able to protect Jefferson from gunshots, leaving him completely unharmed.

The scanner of the suit.

  • Communication systems: The suit contains communication systems so that Gambi can talk to Jefferson while Jeff is out as Black Lightning.
  • Scanner: The goggles of the suit contains a scanner and a camera which connects to Gambi's computer.
  • Diagnostic Systems: The suit has allowed Peter Gambi to find materials and energy readings inside the suit through internal scans.


  • Rail gun: According to Peter Gambi, this is the only weapon that can penetrate the suit.[3]


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