The Blackbird suit is a protective suit designed and created by Anissa Pierce. It was utilized by Anissa and Jennifer Pierce.


After seeing how bad things were getting for the people of Freeland and realizing that they weren't exactly going to depend on vigilantes like Black Lightning and Thunder, Anissa decided to create a new persona to help the innocent by stealing money from criminals and giving it to those in need. When out as Blackbird, she wears a black hoodie and mouth cover to conceal her identity.[1]

Jennifer uses the Blackbird suit and heads to the abandoned Seahorse Motel to find Tobias Whale and get revenge on him for Khalil's death.


  • Identity concealment: The main purpose of the suit is to conceal Anissa and Jennifer's identity from those that may recognize them.
  • Enhanced durability: The suit has the durability to withstand bullets.
  • Voice modifier: A mask that can alter the user's voice.

Known users

Former users


Black Lightning


  1. "The Book of Consequences: Chapter Three: Master Lowry"
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