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"Well, what about Arkham Asylum, that house of horrors that you fund with your tax dollars, or Blackgate Prison, too violent for Jacob Kane, loving father of lunatic at large Alice of Wonderland?"
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Blackgate Penitentiary, also known as Blackgate Prison or simply Blackgate, is a prison located near Gotham City.


In 2016, Arthur Brown was sentenced to thirteen life sentences at Blackgate; for the next five years, he contemplates how to kill Sophie Moore, believing that she outwitted him.[1]

Bertrand Eldon worked in Blackgate as an executioner.[2]

At some point in late 2018 Chuck Dodgson was arrested by Crows Security and sent to Blackgate.[3]

After pleading to a lesser charge, Ryan Wilder spent eighteen months here instead of being sentenced to five years.[4] Ryan was caught with drugs in her possession, though she was holding them for Angelique Martin.[5]

In 2019, Raymond Calverick was incarcerated at Blackgate for obstruction of justice and for framing several innocent individuals for crimes they did not commit; for personal gain in order to raise his reputation.[6]

After Jacob Kane was arrested for the alleged murder of his wife, Catherine Hamilton, he was imprisoned at Blackgate.[7] In 2020, he was released when his innocence was proven.[3]

Former head of the Crows Homicide Division Miguel Robles was arrested and sent to Blackgate after his corruption and role in Lucius Fox's murder was discovered by Batwoman and Luke Fox.[8]

Johnny Sabatino and Vasily Kosov, alongside several other criminals, were sent to Blackgate after they was defeated fighting Batwoman in the Lookout.[9]

Batwoman stopped Rudy from having Kevin Johnson assassinate Jacob Kane to initiate Kevin into the False Face Society; Rudy, with two other gang members, were sent to Blackgate afterwards.[10]

Arthur Brown escaped from Blackgate after fooling a guard, but he was soon send back to Blackgate; due to the efforts of Sophie Moore and Ryan Wilder (under the persona of Batwoman).[1]

Russell Tavaroff, Miller, and other corrupt agents of Crows Security were arrested and sent to Blackgate for the attempted murder of Luke Fox, doctoring a video to make it look he had a gun in an attempt to make it look like self-defense, trying to frame Luke for armed robbery, and the attempted murder of Jacob Kane.[11]

The day after Russell is released on bail, Jacob is sent to Blackgate, charged with being an accessory to Alice's crimes because he knew Alice's secret identity as his daughter. Jacob calls Mary and tells her that he will be transferred to Metropolis.[12]

Russell was later sent back Blackgate; after his involvement with the False Face Society was exposed to the public, thus; his bail was revoked.

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