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"My men, my mission."
Ted Gaynor on his team's actions[src]

Blackhawk Squad Protection Group, also known as Blackhawk Squad Security,[1] was a private security company founded by Ted Gaynor.


After his military service, Gaynor returned to the United States and founded the Blackhawk group. Driven by profit, he and his associates organized attacks on armored transport vehicles, using tactics learned in the army.

The Hood shoots at the Blackhawk Squad Protection Group

The Hood shoots at the Blackhawk Squad.

In 2013, The Hood himself soon became interested in the organization, and a former soldier, John Diggle, stood up for the former commander. Gaynor offered him a job as a thank you, but some time later he found him spying. Knowing that there would be a problem with him, he kidnapped Carly Diggle and forced him to help with the robbery of another armored transport. The criminals were surprised, however, by the Hood who killed most of the thieves, and then chased Ted and murdered him.[2]

After Gaynor's death, the business continued for a while, after which it was no longer remembered.

Blackhawk Squad Protection Group truck

Blackhawk truck.

In 2014, Leonard Snart and his accomplices attempt to rob an Blackhawk truck, only to be stopped by the Flash.[1]

A few months later, Shawna Baez and Clay Parker stole a Blackhawk truck.[3]

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  • The Blackhawk Squad Protection Group truck in "Crazy for You" was numbered 052, which is a reference to The New 52 storyline.

Behind the scenes[]

  • In the DC Comics continuity, the Blackhawk Squadron is an elite, international air force group. The original version of the Blackhawk Squadron, as they appeared in Military Comics #1 (1941), had an origin rooted in the events of World War II. Since then, the story and characters have been frequently updated and retconned.
  • In the DC comics, Theodore "Ted" Gaynor was a war criminal and an enemy of Blackhawk and Batman. His enemy's name is referenced in the Blackhawk Squad Protection Group that Ted Gaynor led in Arrow.