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"He is committing suicide and he just invited the entire city to join him."
Oliver Queen realizes Shrapnel's intentions at Sebastian Blood's Unity Rally

"Blast Radius" is the tenth and midseason premiere episode of the second season of Arrow, and the thirty-third episode overall. It aired on January 15, 2014.



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Oliver continues his search for the man in the skull mask to no avail.

Oliver and Thea host a campaign party for Sebastian at Verdant. During the party, Oliver learns Laurel has been seeing Sebastian.

Meanwhile, Felicity has been traveling to Central City to visit Barry who is in a coma due to the explosion.

A serial bomber Mark Scheffer, who goes by the name "Shrapnel", begins setting off bombs across Starling City as an anti-government movement. The first bomb he sets off is during the party so Oliver rushes off to help as many people as he can.

Felicity returns and says she reach out to Detective Lance. Meanwhile, Laurel shows up at Sebastian's office and she brings up to Sebastian about Cyrus Gold, someone Sebastian knows. He made up lies mixed in with some truths about what had happened in the past. After Sebastian leaves her alone in his office, she snoops.

Thea questions Roy about him since the last 5 weeks he had been acting differently. He gets upset with her and he said she was the only thing keeping him together. When making out in the storage room, they accidentally knock a box with glass down. A piece knicks him and Thea runs to get the first aid kit.

Quentin believes that there is a leak in the police department and asks the hood for help. Another blast occurs. Oliver went after the guy but loses him in the chase. Oliver gets upset and Felicity was upset as a result.

Sebastian Blood begins his campaign as mayor, and decides to organize a Unity Rally for the city. Before the rally, Oliver visits Sebastian and warns him. Oliver isn't able to talk him down from having it.

The night of the rally, Scheffer targets the rally, and leaves behind a bomb in his store. Oliver is able to apprehend Scheffer, not long after he shot Diggle, and the bombs are disarmed. During the commotion, Thea witnesses Roy using his new strength to save her mother and subsequently confronts him about it. He lies about what happened.

Oliver apologizes to Felicity. He then visits Sebastian. They team up to help the city.

Laurel continues to look into Blood, after discovering that he has ties to Cyrus Gold. She visits a mental institution, where she finds Blood's mother, who reveals that Sebastian killed his father and put her in the institution to cover it up.

In a flashback, Slade experiences adverse effects to his mind and personality due to the Mirakuru.It causes him to strangle Oliver after vowing revenge against Ivo. Sara hits him with a tree branch causing him to let Oliver go. Slade begins to freak out because of it. Ivo asks for the drug in return for getting them off the island.


Preparation ran from October 11 until October 22, 2013. Shooting ran from October 23 until November 1, 2013.[1]


  • After the second bombing, when Officer Quentin Lance radios in, he gives his call-sign as "DC52"—an apparent reference to DC Comics' New 52 comics universe.
  • The hospital where Sebastian Blood's mother, Maya Resik, is living, is named St. Walker's Hospital, a reference to the DC Comics character, Saint Walker.
  • This is the first time Adam Donner, who was last seen in "State v. Queen" and seems to have fully recovered from his Vertigo overdose, has appeared. 
  • This episode revealed that Sebastian and Cyrus Gold had known each other years before the events of "State v. Queen".
  • Quentin Lance says that his arm injury still hurts when it's cold. This line was originally uttered by Oliver Queen in The Dark Knight Returns
  • This episode takes place 5 weeks since the previous episode's events.


  • In a shot on the television in Shrapnel’s store, Roy, Moira and Thea can be seen entering the unity rally together. However, in the very next scene, Thea comments to Moira that they need to try and find Roy, as if he entered without them.