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For the Arrow episode, see "Blind Spot".
"What can I do to help?"
"Acknowledge that even you have blind spots. Hear me when I say that they need help, and support me in restoring some justice.
Kara Danvers and Kelly Olsen

"Blind Spots" is the twelfth episode of the sixth season of Supergirl, and the one-hundred-eighteenth episode overall. It aired on September 21, 2021.



On Mitchell's boat, Nyxly takes a gander at the sphere. She doesn't yet have the area of the emblem and isn't sure what turned out badly. We roll back to 24 hours sooner. Kelly is on the telephone with Joey, who is amped up for his new room, when the Ormfell breakdowns. Kelly races to the scene and discovers Joey and his companion. Orlando appears. They get the children to the clinic as Joey is having issues breathing yet the clinic needs more assets. Councilwoman Rankin is wheeled in, more centered around attempting to get corporate dollars than aiding individuals. She leaves when Kelly requests help. Kelly calls Alex for help from the Super Friends, yet they can't come.

At a more affluent clinic, Rankin requests that she be given a test drug. Those presented to the structure breakdown quietly have a type of blue sparkle occurring, however it goes inconspicuous. Upset in light of the fact that nobody is helping, Kelly calls her sibling to vent and concedes she's so depleted in light of the fact that she can't get anybody to see the genuine issue. While she's on the telephone, Rankin gets the medication, infuses it, begins to sparkle blue and each and every other casualty breakdowns. In Newfoundland, Lena is beginning to find out with regards to her forces when she gets cautions concerning what's going on in National City. She surges off to help, leaving behind her examples and a book imperative to find out about her legacy. In National City, the Super Friends can't discover Nyxly however Brainy has a thought of how they could possibly discover Mxy.

Kelly contacts Andrea for media regard for the issues in regards to the Ormfell and the people in question, yet Andrea additionally dismisses her. CatCo is covering the traffic issues in light of the fact that the "segment" couldn't care less with regards to the issues in The Heights. There's a thump on the entryway. It's Diggle. James sent him. Kelly concedes that she feels alone in this in light of the fact that the superheroes have super miscreants to battle. Diggle comprehends, and asks Kelly what she knows - which is that some different option from the residue is making individuals debilitated. Diggle goes with her to explore. They notice a blue sparkle coming from a design inside the structure that has endure. Rankin drives up, thrilled that the reasonable lodging is currently gone. She likewise shows a sandwich and acknowledges she has powers and that she can change the area the manner in which she needs to. At the Tower, Alex gets scanners that can follow Fifth Dimensional Energy and they discover a great deal of it at the remaining parts of the Ormfell. They appear and discover Kelly and Diggle examining. Ends up, the structure was additionally accused of the energy which is the thing that is making individuals debilitated. The Super Friends intend to track and eliminate the energy so they can utilize it to discover Nyxly. In her office, Rankin utilizes her newly discovered forces to pay off one more legislator to her side, however each time she utilizes those forces others affected by the breakdown endure. Kelly attempts to enlighten Supergirl concerning how the bigger fundamental issues of the underserved local area that is The Heights, yet Supergirl is centered around Nyxly and returning things they way they were. She's not tuning in. Nobody is, not even Alex, who is additionally centered around the Nyxly circumstance however Dreamer gives Kelly a scanner that she can use to check whether there is anything they missed. At the medical clinic, the scanner gets the energy on Rankin, yet Kelly and Diggle are astounded she's doing as such well.

Rankin gives a question and answer session saying that individuals shouldn't allow their shortcoming to keep them down, however Orlando goes up against her and tells her that she and the framework are the issue. One of her protectors goes to hurt Orlando and Kelly - as Guardian - appears, ensuring Orlando. Watchman follows Rankin, and the two battle with Rankin utilizing her forces. She eventually get away, yet not before Kelly gets a lump of her hair.

At the Tower, Kelly stands up to the Super Friends, requesting to know where they were. She lets them know that Rankin was the issue yet they couldn't care less. They don't see her or the main problems. They are too focused on Nyxly to mind. She advises them that they should battle for everybody, except all things being equal, she sees individuals like her battle and kick the bucket while the Super Friends deliberately ignore. Diggle goes to converse with Kelly. He advises her had the chance to turn into a "exceptional sort of saint" however he would have needed to abandon his family. He needed to ask himself what sort of legend he truly needed to be and he offers a similar conversation starter to her. Supergirl comes to converse with Kelly, saying she's heartbroken. Kelly concedes that she's pushed down such a large amount her own injury to continue onward. She says Supergirl may not get it, however she has to know this exists and that the disappointed need trust and don't have the advantage of zeroing in on tomorrow. The disappointed are attempting to endure the day and Supergirl is certifiably not a terrible individual for not seeing it, yet she needs to recognize her vulnerable sides and backing her in reestablishing equity. Somewhere else, Alex converses with J'onn, who discusses how he decided to present as a Black man, and in numerous ways, it's caused him to feel more like an outsider than on this world than being an outsider, yet he likewise comprehends that Kelly and Diggle don't have a similar decision.

It just so happens, Rankin has turned into an energy siphon and each time she utilizes her powers, she's basically taking their lifeforce. They can stop her, however it will deliver the Fifth Dimensional Energy futile for following Nyxly. Supergirl couldn't care less. They will save individuals of The Heights. Kelly then, at that point, asks Brainy for assist with her head protector and it ends up, Brainy's been chipping away at her suit for quite a while. Kelly inquires as to whether, in the 31st century, things are any better. He tells her that even later on, it's better in a great deal of ways, however they haven't completely advanced. There are generational scars and work to be done yet the present has Kelly and there is still an ideal opportunity to have an effect.

Kelly, presently prepared in her Guardian suit, faces Rankin with the Super Friends behind her. Rankin says she will obliterate the entire city and revamp it starting from the earliest stage. The Super Friends begin to secure the neighborhood as Rankin assaults. Gatekeeper goes to get Orlando to help, however he's reluctant to trust from the get go, yet she persuades him. Orlando gets the Ormfell casualties out into the road while Guardian takes to the rooftop and enacts the gadget that takes Rankin's forces. The energies are diverted to where they should be and individuals are saved. Energy likewise goes into Nyxly's sphere. Rankin gets captured. Watchman tells Orlando he should run for her spot on city chamber. The children of the area are roused by Guardian.

Kelly turns out to be important for the Super Friends as a saint of individuals. Diggle goes to Metropolis saying "universes anticipate". On Mitch's boat, Nyxly starts to plan to get the boldness emblem. Lena gets back to discover the book she abandoned in Newfoundland has been sent to her. At home, we see Kelly wrap her hair up defensively in a scarf prior to plunking down. Alex returns home and tells her that she comprehends that she doesn't comprehend and she never completely will however she needs to be a partner. Kelly advises Alex to simply leave her alone without unloading everything, hold a space for her, and love her.



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  • The episode is titled "Blindspots" in the episode listing on Netflix.
  • Azie Tesfai makes her screenwriting debut. Tesfai is the first actor to have written an episode in any Berlanti production.
  • When Diggle leaves the Tower, he says, "Worlds await," which was also spoken to him by unknown voices in "P.O.W.".