"Do you remember when Blockbuster and his gang tried to expand their operations from Blüdhaven to Central City?"
David Singh[src]

Blockbuster was a crime boss and leader of a criminal enterprise operating in Blüdhaven.


At some point, Blockbuster rose to prominence as leader of a criminal enterprise in Blüdhaven. He and his gang attempted to expand their influence to Central City at some point prior to the particle accelerator explosion.

Upon learning of Blockbuster's intentions, the Central City Police Department tasked Dinah Drake to infiltrate the gang, which lead to them being apprehended and Blockbuster's plans thwarted.[1]



Season 7

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Blockbuster is a legacy name of several supervillains. One commonly associated with organized crime and Blüdhaven is Roland Desmond, the second character to use the name and a prominent enemy of Nightwing.


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