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"Show her it's okay not to be perfect coming out of the gate. There's no shortcuts. Takes time to get things right. And that's not a failure. That's life. And also, show her that no matter what, you're always gonna love her. That's what parents do."
Joe West to Barry Allen on training Nora

"Blocked" is the second episode of the fifth season of The Flash, and the ninety-fourth episode overall. It aired on October 16, 2018.



"Blocked" begins with a flashback scene among Cicada and Gridlock as we see the new reprobate tear away Gridlock's forces.

Nora sits the entire group down to reveal to them the genuine motivation behind why she went back in time. Iris consoles them that they've changed the title text of things to come papers previously and there's no explanation they couldn't do it once more.

While looking up her girl, Cecile understands that she can't hear anybody's musings and figures she may be losing her forces.

Caitlin strolls in on Cisco viewing past 3D images sent to him by Gypsy. Cisco clarifies that he's despite everything making some hard memories of getting over his separation when Ralph strolls in, needing to work the instance of Caitlin's father's phony demise declaration.

Somewhere else, we see a got away from convict utilize her forces to put a power field around a past associate. She contracts it, pounding him.

The following day, Barry and the CCPD are researching the wrongdoing scene when Nora flies in. With an end goal to keep Nora's personality mystery, Barry tells Captain Singh that she's his new understudy. The two start examining the wrongdoing scene and understand the individual executed was squashed into the size of a little box.

Caitlin and Ralph are plunking down with Cisco attempting to talk him through his separation.

Iris figures out how to get an in private remark from Captain Singh on the homicide of Gridlock. Iris goes to address one of the caravan's enduring gatekeepers in the clinic, where it's uncovered that Gridlock was explicitly focused on.

Cecile finds the brain perusing gadget Harry recently made and attempts to persuade Joe to let her utilization it on her little girl. Cecile concedes that she's anxious about losing her forces and is frightened she won't have the option to parent sufficiently without having the option to guess what her newborn might be thinking.

Barry and Nora are running a DNA examination of the wrongdoing scene and they discover the aggressor at the distribution center is a criminal by the name of Vanessa Jansen. They find Vanessa, who's amidst an arms bargain.

While endeavoring to stop her, Vanessa utilizes her forces to put Nora in one of the golden walled in areas however Barry's ready to spare her before any mischief comes her direction.

Back at STAR Labs, Cisco and Caitlin clarify that Vanessa can control particles and can utilize them to make power fields so thick, speedsters can't stage through them.

Barry starts to increase the preparation with Nora while Caitlin and Ralph take Cisco out for a makeover.

While examining the demise of Gridlock, Iris reveals film of the assault and gets a speedy look at Cicada.

After an exceptional instructional course with Nora, Barry visits with Joe. Barry admits to his dad in-law that Nora is beginning to make him insane in light of the time she's spending around him. Joe talks Barry down in the wake of calling attention to Nora's circumstance is a lot of like Barry's the point at which he was a child. Cecile can be seen around the bend listening in on their discussion.

Caitlin and Cisco are hanging out at Jitters when the last inquiries Caitlin about not having any desire to examine her father's phony demise endorsement. Caitlin concedes that if her father is, indeed, alive, she'll be distressed in light of the fact that he's had sufficient future time forward and search her out. Cisco consoles her that it's not very late to work things out with her father.

In the parlor at STAR Labs, Barry's indicating Nora years-old video of himself preparing soon after he discovered he had forces to promise her that she won't master everything short-term.

Group Flash are made aware of the area of Vanessa. In spite of the fact that she's ready to encase Barry in her walled in area, Nora's ready to divert her and put her in cuffs. While the Allen's are removing Vanessa, Cicada appears and tosses one of his knifes through her chest.

Nora speeds Vanessa off to a neighborhood clinic and Cicada tosses another blade, which channels Barry, Cisco, and Ralph of their forces. Iris hears Cicada's sound through their comm framework and understands it's a similar individual that slaughtered Gridlock.

Nora speeds back to the group and frightens Cicada away before he's ready to hurt Barry.

The group reconvenes at STAR Labs, where Iris shows them the recording of the Gridlock assault. They right away perceive the sound of the man in the Gridlock video as a similar individual who's assaulted them.



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  • Trying to shake Cisco out of his thoughts, Ralph whispers to him, "Han shot second", making him angry. This is a reference to a famous controversy regarding the edited version of Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope.
  • While Ralph and Cisco are checking if they still have their powers, the former tells Barry "negative, Ghostrider", quoting the 1986 film Top Gun.
  • Cisco likens Cicada's ability to control his lightning dagger to Thor being able to control Mjolnir in the Marvel comics.
  • A reference is made to Yogi Bear and his catchphrase, "I'm smarter than the average bear." Tom Cavanagh, who plays the many versions of Harrison Wells, played Ranger Smith in the live-action Yogi Bear movie.
  • This is the first episode of The Flash not to feature an opening monologue of any kind.
  • The characters of Bruno and Bobby Moretti might be a reference to Carla Moretti a.k.a. Cinder, a pyrokinetic villain, who is created by writer, Eric Wallace. Wallace is also the writer of this episode.
    • In the DC Comics, there is also is a criminal that faces the Huntress known as Moretti.
  • Cicada was originally supposed to appear as the second cliffhanger scene of "We Are The Flash", but it was cut due to time pacing and constraints. The scene was used in the trailer for season 5.
  • The transformation Ralph's stylist does to Cisco makes him look like his alternate in Flashpoint.


  • Barry and Joe talk about Barry's 4th grade science fair, which is said to have occurred during the first year Joe took him in following Nora Allen's death. However, Nora died when Barry was 11,[1] meaning that the science fair incident would've happened when Barry was in 5th or 6th grade.