"Welcome, my blood brother."
Ramsey Rosso to Dark Flash[src]

The Blood Brothers, also known as the "Blood Brothers and Sisters", were zombie-like beings that were created by Dr. Ramsey Rosso/Bloodwork.


The first blood brother to come into existence was Mitch Romero after he attempted to attack Ramsey Rosso during a business deal that goes bad. Rosso attacks him with is new meta abilities, killing him in the process.[1]

Shortly after Romero was defeated by Team Flash, Ramsey took some of the black blood for study and realized that if he absorbs it, he can make himself stronger.[2]

He later attacked a hospital in order to start his quest for eternal life and created a few more to help escape.[3]

After a drop of Ramsey's blood enters Barry Allen's system, Ramsey turns him into a blood brother by tempting him with a hallucination fueled by his own fears and insecurities.[4]

With Dark Flash under his control, Ramsey started changing anyone he could find into blood brothers. Eventually, he tried to turn everyone in the city at once using the particle accelerator, but he was stopped by Allegra Garcia, who also managed to return all the blood brothers to normal.[5]

Powers and abilities

  • Meta-human/Blood Brother physiology: Being exposed to Ramsey's meta-human abilities alter the physiology of a Blood Brother.
    • Superhuman strength: Blood Brothers have shown to have a degree of superhuman strength, most notably Mitch Romero.[6]
    • Superhuman durability: As Blood Brothers are not alive in the traditional sense, their bodies are able to sustain heavy damage including those that are typically fatal.
    • Link to Ramsey Rosso: All of the Blood Brothers have a psychic connection to Ramsey Rosso.
    • Life eternal: Blood Brothers have a pseudo-form of immortality and will remain in their infected state so long as they are in close proximity with Ramsey Rosso.
    • Dark matter absorption: Mitch Romero demonstrated the ability to absorb dark matter, presumably for the purpose of making Ramsey stronger.
    • Dark matter detection: Mitch Romero had the ability to sense places that contained dark matter.


  • Dependence on Ramsey Rosso: Blood Brothers who were created after being resurrected from being formerly deceased, must be within close proximity to Ramsey Rosso. If they are too far from him, they will expire and dissolve into pools of black gooey blood.
  • Ultraviolet radiation: Since Ramsey's powers were weakened by ultraviolet radiation, Allegra Garcia could use her ability to manipulate ultraviolet light to cure all of the Blood Brothers and restore them to normal.

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