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"I always knew that I was a girl. My parents were amazing. They affirmed my authentic self, and helped me transition young, and I've always been able to be open about who I was in Parthas. I'm not saying it was easy; there were definitely people who didn't understand. But the town's ethos of inclusion is strong, and I think if I grew up anywhere else, it would have been a lot tougher."
Nia Nal to Kara Danvers

"Blood Memory" is the eleventh episode of the fourth season of Supergirl, and the seventy-sixth episode overall. It aired on January 27, 2019.




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"Blood Memory" starts with troops in Kaznia preparing the Supergirl doppelgänger. Toward the finish of the preparation, the Kara clone is apparently executed and when they go to resuscitate her with a defibrillator, lightning comes out of her chest and zooms over the globe.

It at that point strikes a RV in National City that is utilized by neighborhood street pharmacists. A portion of their "stock," is influenced by the lightning. They offer a portion of the pills to clients and when one of the clients takes a pill, he begins transforming into an enormous outsider.

At Kara's, the gathering has accumulated for game night. They're discussing their preferred motion pictures and when Alex can't figure Kara's, the last is helped to remember the memory-cleaning occasions of the last scene.

The medication customer is out of control through town and Alex gets a caution of it. She races out with Brainy and the DEO to stop the person. Kara flies in as Supergirl and helps bring the outsider down. Kara calls Alex by her first name and the DEO specialist uncovers she needs to be called Director Danvers.

Kara's trusting in James the following day about the psyche wipe circumstance. Kara figures it might affect her sister more than originally thought out. They're hindered by a CatCo specialist has a story pitch for James — she includes a source inside L-Corp that is revealed a mystery spending plan. The author needs to follow the cash trail, believing it's concealing obscure hereditary testing.

Kara runs into Nia in the restroom, who's disturbed that her trip for the end of the week back home was dropped. Kara offers to drive Nia home. The following day, the two start the excursion back to Nia's old neighborhood. On the drive, Nia comes out as trans and uncovers her folks were steady of her at a youthful age. She asks Kara to not disclose to her family about her dreaming powers.

At the DEO, Alex starts scrutinizing the college kids that ingested the medications. After the cross examinations, Brainy uncovers that the medications they took were imbued with gamma radiation. Somewhere else, the street pharmacists read remarks on recordings of the frenzy and they understand they may be perched on a goldmine with the remainder of their gracefully. They choose to go out and about and sell the rest of the medications.

Nia's in a fantasy arrangement, where she observes her mom disintegrate to tidy. She awakens in the nick of time to show up home. When they get inside, Nia discovers the flagon she observers in the fantasy and coincidentally breaking it, upsetting her sister.

The DEO discovers that more wraths are going on over the city and they understand the street pharmacists are hawking their gracefully. Alex is disturbed in light of the fact that she figures she ought to be in front of it and swears that something is absent from her brain. She calls J'onn in and attempts to convince him to check her brain to discover what's up.

We discover one girl in every generation Nia's family will get the dreaming powers. Her mom accepts that Nia's more seasoned sister is the one to get the forces, however since they haven't bloomed this late throughout everyday life, the sister is getting disturbed because those who are powerless go blind. Nia uncovers to Kara that she's going to attempt her mother that she's the one that got the forces and not her sister.

J'onn checks Alex's psyche and misleads her that she's fine. J'onn persuades her that she may be so focused on in light of the fact that she doesn't have an accomplice at work.

Kara is talking with Nia's sister for an article at work. Nia's sister uncovers her desires of turning into a wrongdoing battling hero at whatever point she gets her forces.

At the DEO, Brainy's professing to be a medication client and penetrates the fraternity brothers cell. It just takes only seconds before he's ready to get the names of the street pharmacists that sold them the pills.

Nia plunks down with her mom and asks her mom whether it's conceivable to move the dreaming forces to another person. Her mom clarifies that the dreaming power is non-transferrable, since it's in her blood. Nia's mother drops and Nia enters her fantasy, where it's uncovered Nia's mom is kicking the bucket. Kara awakens Nia back and they discover that her mom has died.

James shows up at Lena's office to talk with her about the secretive bookkeeping yet discovers that Lena needs to prepare for game night.

The street pharmacists stop since they have a purchaser for the remainder of their medications. We before long discover the purchaser is a gathering of Children of Liberty. They beat of the street pharmacists and take the rest of the pills, planning to seethe through the Harvest Fest in Nia's old neighborhood to slaughter whatever number outsiders as could be expected under the circumstances.

Brainy can find the RV the vendors have been utilizing. Alex gathers a gathering of DEO specialists to find the RV and they in the long run show up in Parthas, to locate the two street pharmacists tied up to a post. One of the street pharmacists uncovers his younger sibling Roberta brought the RV to find the Children of Liberty.

In Parthas, the inhabitant of the city start gathering for a dedication for Nia's mom. Nia's sister is giving a tribute when Nia has a dream of the outsiders breaking in and causing annihilation. Maeve — Nia's sister — proceeds with the commendation when one of the Children break in the horse shelter. Nia pushes her sister off the beaten path, however Maeve gets resentful when she understands that Nia has the vision powers.

Robert shows up to help have a go at bringing down the Children of Liberty and a hard and fast fight breaks out between Kara, the Children of Liberty, Roberta, and the DEO. Alex almost shoots an outsider, yet Kara utilizes laser-vision to fire the firearm out of Alex's hands.

Back at Nia's home, she and her sister have a battle about the forces. Things bubble over when Nia's sister becomes violently unhinged and reveals to Nia she's not a genuine lady.

Nia and Kara leave and begin chatting about their sister's difficulties. Kara in the end gets agitated enough that she pulls over out and about and takes off before Nia. She lands and uncovers that she's Supergirl. Kara clarifies she knows precisely what Nia is proceeding with her sister inconveniences.

Back at CatCo, James brings in McKenzie and reveals to her that everything in her piece on L-Corp looks at as lawful and that she was pursuing a bogus lead. As McKenzie leaves, James shows up obviously shaken, indicating that he misled his worker about L-Corp.

At the point when they show up back in National City, Nia at long last opens up the container her mother left her in the wake of her demise to find that it's a superhuman ensemble.

J'onn's talking with Kara at her loft and reminds the Kryptonian that they'll have to wind up supporting Alex regardless of what occurs between the DEO executive and Supergirl. Alex shows up with the goal that the gathering can watch T2 together.

The scene closes with a shot in Kaznia. The Supergirl doppelgänger is obviously dead as a solider looks on. The trooper gets a telephone and tells someone on the other that there's someone he needs to talk with in America.





  • Alex is shown to have a more aggressive approach towards aliens, ostensibly since her memories of Kara's powers were erased and she doesn't remember growing up with an alien for an adopted sister. This is a plot hole since Alex's views were also heavily influenced by Maggie's perspective,[1] and J'onn's powers did not alter her memories of their relationship.