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"Centuries ago, I discovered that although immortality is mine alone, I can share a taste...with my faithful. Help them live an extra hundred years or so?"
Vandal Savage increases the lifespan of his order using Carter Hall's blood

"Blood Ties" is the third episode of the first season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the third episode overall. It aired on February 4, 2016.




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In Ancient Egypt, 1700 BC, Vandal Savage is attacked by a hooded man, who is revealed to be Rip. Inside the Waverider in Leipzig, 1975, Kendra's condition is getting worse. The stab she received from the Amon Dagger has caused shards from it getting stuck inside her bloodstream. Ray and Martin attempt to figure out, how to help her.

Rip is getting aggravated for his failure to kill Vandal Savage and that Carter is now dead. He goes to his quarters, but Sara goes to her, despite his pleas to be alone. Sara knows that Rip is aggravated because of his dead family. She then tells him, that while she was tutored by Ra's al Ghul, he taught her that if you can't kill your enemy, weaken him. She suggests that they hit Vandal's fortune. Rip finds the idea brilliant and asks Gideon, where Vandal holds his money. Gideon tells he uses Bruemberg Bank. Rip decides to go investigate it alone, but Sara comes along. Leonard and Mick are denied to come along. Rip leaves Jax to fix the ships pod.

Ray suggests using his Atom-suit to shrink himself, so that he can enter Kendra's bloodstream and destroy blade shards inside her. They go with the plan. Ray manages to destroy one shard, but after that, something goes wrong and he leaves. When he gets back up, Martin starts to argue with him as he denies Ray was ever his student.

Rip and Sara arrive Bruemberg Bank, using fake artifacts as a deposit. They meet with the bank CEO, Mr. Lance and he goes to get paperwork for the "deposit". Rip goes to his computer, and learns about something called "the Vessel", but Sara tells him that she has seen that everyone in the bank is not just an employee: security personnel are East-African mercenaries, receptionist had a gun on her desk and the CEO had marks on his hand indicating he has been on fights before. Sara suggests they may actually work for Savage. Rip ignores it until the staff catches them red-handed, with weapons on hand. Sara and Rip proceed to fight them. Although Rip told Sara not to bring weapons, she has multiple knives with her. She kills nearly everyone, until Rip tells her to stop, as they need the CEO alive. Sara is shocked.

In the Waverider, Leonard and Mick go to Jax, who has fixed the smaller craft on the ship. They ask him to take them to Central City to steal an emerald. Jax is at first unwilling, but in the end agrees, as he wants to take the ship for a ride. Rip and Sara return to the ship, and Sara explains that when the Lazarus Pit resurrected her, it caused what her friend Thea calls bloodlust. Every time she is in a battle, she gets the urge to kill, and thus it makes her a monster. Rip tells her that killing alone isn't what makes her a monster, but if she doesn't fight the lust, it eventually will. Rip starts to interrogate Mr. Lance, and he reveals he is a follower of Savage, and that he recognizes Rip as "Gareeb", a man who attempted to kill Savage thousands of years ago. Rip leaves and Sara asks, what did Lance mean. Rip admits that he once tried to kill Savage in Ancient Egypt, but he failed. Sara tells him, he can't kill him alone, and that at least she will stand with him. As they interrogate Lance about The Vessel, he reveals it's not what, but who. Rip and Sara realize it's Carter's corpse. They decide to infiltrate a party in order to recover it, as Rip is unwilling to let Savage desecrate him.

Martin finds Ray fixing his suit. Ray admits that it wasn't the suit that caused him to abandon the task, it was him. He panicked, afraid that he couldn't do it. Martin then reveals he once had a gifted student, who seemed to be more brilliant than him. The student was Ray, and Ray agrees to try again.

Leonard, Mick and Jax arrive at Central City and Leonard acquires the emerald. Jax is eager to return, but Leonard has one last stop: his childhood home. He reveals, that five days from that moment, his dad will attempt to steal the emerald, only to get caught and sent to Iron Heights. Now Leonard intended not to let that happen, even if it means it will affect his life. He goes to his home and encounters himself as a child. His father shows up, and Leonard leaves the emerald for him, then leaves.

Rip and Sara arrive at the party with Lance along. They knock him out and infiltrate the party. As they attempt to maintain cover with dancing, Rip tells him that life is about humans getting better, encouraging Sara to becoming better by controlling her bloodlust. She says she could start by not killing the mercenaries she spotted. They use an old drunken trick to knock out the guards, not killing them. But they don't get far, as Lance had recovered and alerted the place. They are taken into another room, where Savage is holding a ritual with Carter's corpse. Savage recognizes Rip.

Martin and Ray manage to destroy every shard inside Kendra. As Ray comes back, Kendra starts to mutter about Rip and Sara being in trouble. Martin attempts to get the team, but Gideon tells him that Jax, Leonard and Mick are not on the ship. But he contacts them, and sends them to Rip's and Sara's location.

Savage demonstrates, what he needs Carter's corpse for. His blood can be used to give his followers an extended life. Just as Rip and Sara are about to be killed, Leonard, Mick and Jax crash the party and in the ensuing fight, Rip manages to kill Savage, but he declares that he will find and kill his family. Rip then looks at Sara who is seemingly brutally stabbing Lance with a knife. But when Rip manages to stop her, it turns out, that every stab was an intentional miss, indicating Sara is truly battling her bloodlust.

The team hold a funeral for carter, burying him next to Aldus Boardman. Kendra silently says on his garve to come back to her. The team agrees to stay united and stop Savage, and Gideon directs them to the year 1986, when Savage is expected to show up.


Preparation ran from September 24 until October 2, 2015. Shooting ran from October 5 until October 16, 2015.[1]




  • Rip Hunter says "I've seen men of steel die and dark knights fall". Superman has been referred to in comics as the "Man of Steel" and Batman as the "Dark Knight". It is unclear if Rip's plural usage may refer to different versions of the same person in several altered timelines, or different people taking up the mantle as has occurred in the comics.
  • Vandal Savage mentions learning dissection from Jack the Ripper, who has been several different characters in the comics.
  • This episode shows Leonard Snart as a child. Snart's childhood was originally explored in the fan-favorite comic story Absolute Zero.
  • Ray Palmer says, "That's probably what they said on the Titanic" to Martin Stein when worrying he will miss the first dagger fragment in Kendra's tracheal artery, which Stein remarked was the size of an iceberg. Victor Garber, the actor who portrays Stein, appeared as Thomas Andrews in the 1997 film Titanic.
  • Before blowing up the last dagger fragment, Ray quips that the years he played Asteroids is about to pay off, referencing the 1979 video game.
  • While Sara Lance fights Blake in the Bruemberg Group, he says, "Seems you brought a knife to a sword fight." This is a quote from the 1987 film The Untouchables.
  • Mick Rory says, "I didn't have you pegged as the Eyes Wide Shut type." This is a reference to the 1999 film of the same name.
  • A poster of Jonah Hex can be seen in Rip's study. Jonah Hex would later appears in "The Magnificent Eight".


  • This episode was set in Leipzig in 1975, with some parts taking place in a private bank. However, Leipzig in 1975 was part of Communist East Germany, where exclusive private banks like the Bruemberg Group would not have been possible.
  • During Rip and Sara's brief establishing shot as they walk into the bank, a modern SUV and a sedan are spotted in the background, behind a modern bus stop and publicity poster.
  • The computer being used by the bank is a Vic 20 or Commodore 64, which did not exist in 1975.