"Blood Ties" is the ???th episode of DC's Legends of Tomorrow. It aired on February 4, 2016.

"Blood Ties" is the third episode of the first season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow and the third episode overall. It aired on February 4, 2016.


Rip decides to weaken Vandal Savage by going after his financial assets. Rip and Sara infiltrate Savage's bank, but are discovered by his men. Meanwhile, Snart and Rory talk Jax into taking the waverider back to Central City so they can steal a valuable emerald. Professor Stein guides Ray on a dangerous mission.[1]


Preparation ran from September 24 until October 2, 2015. Shooting ran from October 5 until October 16, 2015.[2]




  • Rip Hunter says "I've seen men of steel die and dark knights fall". Superman has been referred to in comics as the "Man of Steel" and Batman as the "Dark Knight". It is unclear if Rip's plural usage may refer to different versions of the same person in several altered timelines, or different people taking up the mantle as has occurred in the comics.
  • Vandal Savage mentions learning something from Jack the Ripper, who has been several different characters in the comics.
  • This episode shows Leonard Snart as a child. Snart's childhood was originally explored in the fan-favorite comic story "Absolute Zero."
  • Ray says "That's probably what they said on the Titanic" to Stein when worrying he will miss the first dagger fragment in Kendra's tracheal artery, which Stein remarked was the size of an iceberg. Victor Garber, the actor who portrays Stein, appeared as Thomas Andrews in the 1997 film Titanic. 
  • Thea and Ra's al Ghul were mentioned in this episode.


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