I really enjoyed the episode, especially Oliver as he really helped Barry after everything that's happened recently. He helped Barry just like Jay, helped him to understand the choices he made and to stop beating himself up for what happened. Oliver knows how Barry feels as he lost both his parents and similiar to what happened to Barry's dad, Oliver witnessed his own mother being killed and understands why Barry would make that descision in the moment and seriously pretty much anyone would do the same thing to see both their parents alive again.

Plus, I officially hate Cisco. I know he's upset about Dante's death because of Barry's actions, but seriously Barry feels bad enough as it is and the way Cisco is acting is already making Barry feel more and more guilty and upset with himself. Plus reminder, Cisco and Dante downright hated each other and it's just so unfair the way Cisco is acting. Seriously, Cisco was a major jerk in the episode as he forced Barry to reveal the Flashpoint secret to everyone when it wasn't the right time or place. I really hope someone finally calls him out for his behaviour towards Barry because it's seriously just wrong on so many levels and if I could I would slap Cisco myself.

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