Roberta "Bobbi" Miller (born July 5, 2000) is the daughter of the late Ronnie Miller and the sister of Jerry Miller.


Bobbi accompanied her brother Jerry in their mother's old RV, alongside Kevin Huggins, from which the two men sold stimulant drugs. One day, the men's drugs were accidentally radicalized by gamma rays. They continued selling them, and on their final stop, Bobbi watched as the men were beaten up for all of the remaining drugs. Because of this, she found a single Rage pill on the floor. Determined to seek revenge on the Children of Liberty that beat the men up, Bobbi drove to Parthas, taking the pill and fighting anyone that stood in her way. Due to this untapped rage, the D.E.O. intervened. However, unable to bring her down, Supergirl stepped in, successfully bringing Bobbi down from her high.[1]


Bobbi Miller on drugs

Bobbi using Rage.

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Season 4


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