Bobby Reeves is Reggie Harris' lawyer.


As Reggie Harris' lawyer, after Jacob Kane was released from Blackgate, Reeves went to visit him asking the man to call Davis Wellington, the judge charged to re-open Raymond Calverick's closed cases, in order to prioritize the hearing of his client as he owes his life to him. Jacob refused as the corruption behind the former judge's cases is GCPD's problem, to which Reeves pointed out that he knew Crows has some role in it too, suggesting him to make that call.[1]

During Reggie's post-conviction hearing, Bobby was present and exulted with his client after Judge Wellington accepted his appeal for a new trial setting Reggie free until that date.[2]

After Reggie was gunned down in front of his house, Bobby annunced to the Gotham City News that he won't stop investigating until he managed to bring justice to him. Later he was ambushed by the Detonator, attached to a bomb and left with the choice to press a button that would have stopped the bomb saving his life but causing another to detonate killing dozen of citizen. He called Jacob (who came in person to ensure that Bobby doesn't give in to temptation) to receive help from the Crows, who, together with the GCPD, managed to evacuate the one-mile area centered on Bobby's location, thus allowing him to press the button in relative safety, causing 2420 Maple Street to collapse but also disabling the one he has on himself.[3]



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