"Face it Bodey! You're realy not the maternal type!"
The Flash to Bodey Nuff[src]

Bodey Nuff is a criminal that worked with Philip Moses.[1]


When Stacy Doubek escaped Philip Moses with his daughter Lily Doubek, Bodey and Roy were sent to chase them, but he had an encounter with the Flash that resulted in him being beaten with wastes. Later, at Moses' mansion, he explained what went wrong with the capture and described who was the Flash. Some times later, he drove the car to Stacey's location and captured her. Later, they broke into Barry Allen's apartment, and he held Stacey hostage while Moses knocked out Tina McGee. He was the one that took Lily in his arms but when they entered the car, the Flash took her from him. Some time later, he and Moses entered the precinct undercover and when Nora Allen recognized Moses, he knocked out an officer and put a hearing protection on Lily while Moses used an ultrasound device on the Flash. When they escaped, they went to the airport, and he noticed that Lily's diaper was "wet" and Moses ordered him to change it. the Flash than showed up, and provoked him until he angrily knocked himself against a plane. He was later arrested along with Moses.[1]


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