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"We need an activity. Something to bring us together, a mission, but not a mission. Like a game..."
Sara Lance on the current status of the Legends

"Bored On Board Onboard" is the twelfth episode of the sixth season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the ninety-fourth episode overall. It aired on August 15, 2021.



After coming back from their bowling trip in outer space, the Legends are eager to leave. Zari Tomaz then swaps places with Zari Tarazi at the request of John Constantine. Since Constantine's sorcery damaged the Waverider's jump drive, the Legends plot a three-week course back to Earth. Gary suggests that they all play a gothic adventure board game, but Sara responds that she and Ava need to plan their wedding. While they are planning their wedding, they discover that using the Waverider's features will make their trip longer, and ban everyone from using too much power including the food fabricator.

Constantine transports everybody (with the exception of Gary and Mick) inside a tabletop game called "Beast/Slayers". Gary stays outside of the game, serving as narrator until he leaves to check something out. The game is set in John's mansion where the Legends have a dinner, with Zari having a glass of wine because it is not in real life. Ava as the detective, being the first one to be killed, can no longer talk as the dead have no voice. Once they vote on who they think the killer is, they choose Nate, the Wealthy Foreigner, is stabbed in the back with a card notifying them they have chosen the wrong person. His death is much more graphic, leading them to discover that the game becomes more real as it goes on. Sara attempts to end it by revealing herself as the beast after she discovers Ava's body, but before she can reveal herself, she is killed by another beast.

Constantine discovers that the new monster is a "clouded side" of himself who expresses that the wizardry is in charge of him prior to being stabbed by Zari, ending the experience. They are transported back to the parlour, and Ava exclaims that Sara was the beast all along. Simultaneously, Kayla shows up on the Waverider and fixes the ship, yet later assaults Gary and Mick out of a loyalty to somebody who helped her escape Pliny X19.

Mick reveals his pregnancy, however Kayla takes him out with the Love Grip. Kayla's cut off tentacle has a mind of its own and starts making another body and chokes Gary.

Zari and Behrad argue, with Zari asking what Behrad's problem with John is. He responds that John has been acting differently ever since he returned from the Fountain of Imperium, and Zari isn't seeing it. They continue to fight before Zari admits that she loves John, and Behrad remarks that he's never heard her say that about a person before.

The Beast then corners John, taunting him about his drinking, saying that every time he takes a sip he is dooming himself further. The Beast takes off his mask to reveal his true face: John's. Just as The Beast is about to kill John, Zari stabs him, transporting everyone back onto the Waverider. Ava then shouts that Sara was the Beast.

At home, John tries to pour his flask down the drain, wanting to get clean, but can't bring himself to do it. Spooner, Nate, and Astra find Mick laying on the ground, unconscious, but still alive. Zari then finds John's stab wound in the exact spot where she had stabbed the Beast in the game, concerning her.

Sara then follows the sound of "Space Girl" playing from somewhere on the Waverider, surprised at whom she finds.



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  • Ava mentions how inviting Barry Allen and Iris West-Allen to their wedding would be a mistake, as "there is a 100% chance that [their] special day will be blown up by a supervillain." This is a reference to the events of "Crisis on Earth-X, Part 1", where Barry and Iris' wedding ceremony was interrupted by Nazis from Earth-X, with Sara in attendance.
  • Beast/Slayers is somewhat based on the board game Clue, which has been referenced several times throughout the show.


  • In the official press release for the episode, Adam Tsekhman's name was misspelt as "Adam Tsekham".
  • It is not explained why the Legends can't use a time courier to get back to Earth, as they had previously used Constantine's house as a temporary base of operations and the couriers as their method of time travel when Mick and Kayla took the Waverider to find Sara.[1]
    • However, the time courier doesn't have all functions that the Waverider has, and the Legends cannot leave a timeship by itself in outer space where anyone could hijack it, such as an hostile alien.