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"We need an activity. Something to bring us together, a mission, but not a mission. Like a game..."
Sara Lance on the current status of the Legends

"Bored On Board Onboard" is the twelfth episode of the sixth season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the ninety-fourth episode overall. It aired on August 15, 2021.



Beast-Slayers game

Gary sets the game on the table

After their adventure in space, the Legends are eager to return to Earth and Zari Tomaz swaps places with Zari Tarazi in the Air Totem. Gideon informs Ava Sharpe and Sara Lance that Constantine's spell that transported them to the bowling alley also damaged the jump drive, meaning the Waverider has no choice but to travel back to Earth conventionally. To their horror, Gideon calculates the journey will take 3 weeks, 2 days and 21 hours. Gary Green proposes that they play a role playing game he has called "Beast/Slayers" but Ava and Sara turn him down. Undeterred, Gary tells them he will set the game down on the parlor table in case anyone changes their mind.

Constantine transports the Legends into the game

Constantine transports the Legends into the Beast/Slayers game

On the first day, Ava and Sara plan the guest list for the wedding when they realize the estimated time for their arrival on Earth has increased. Gideon explains that their trip will now take longer due to their current levels of power consumption, prompting the two of them to limit power usage on the ship by banning videogames and using the food fabricator. Meanwhile John Constantine uses his magic to pamper Zari when his hand begins to cramp up in pain. He quickly drinks more of the red potion to relieve his pain before Behrad Tarazi asks him if he is okay. He assures him that he is fine and uses his magic to give Zari a spa day before leaving with her, as Behrad watches Constantine suspiciously. On the third day, Behrad is hosting a yoga class for Zari and Nate Heywood when they are joined by Constantine who uses his magic to change the atmosphere of the room. Constantine begins to remove his clothing before being stopped by Behrad. The two begin to argue with Constantine deciding to storm off and is followed by Zari. As Zari attempts to comfort Constantine, they are overheard by Sara and Ava who are surprised that there is already infighting from only 3 days of being stuck on the ship. Sara suggests that the Legends need a mock mission to relive their boredom and the Legends decide to play Gary's game. In the parlor Gary explains the rules of the game, with one of them being a mysterious beast that kills who must be discovered by the others. As Gary provides sound effects for the game, the Legends are not impressed, leading to Constantine using his magic to transport the Legends into the game.

Nate dies after being accused in Beast-Slayers

Nate dies after being accused in Beast/Slayers

While the Legends are impressed, Behrad comments that he did not consent to being sent into the game. Constantine explains that he had to make the game take place inside his house as he needed a space he could imagine well for the spell. As Gary continues the game, the Legends are magically sent into the dining room for dinner where Ava tells them that she has already planned out who could be the beast based on the first kill. On the Waverider, an alert sounds and Gideon informs Mick Rory and Gary that they are being hailed by someone in space as a spaceship approaches. Mick recognizes the incoming ship and suspects that Bishop may be onboard. He orders Gideon to open fire on the ship but their hesitation causes the other ship to already move into docking position and out of range. Mick tells Gary that he plans to kill whatever comes through the door but they are instead surprised to see Kayla emerge. In the game, the first kill occurs and Ava is the victim. Ava has a "dead" sign pinned to her chest and is no longer able to communicate. Ava leaves the room as Nate notes that Ava was the only person who could have figured out who the beast was. The Legends then begin to deliberate on who the Beast is and Sara accuses Nate of being the beast. The Legends vote that Nate is the beast and he is magically stabbed to death from the back. Constantine claims that Nate is still fine but the Legends are confused on how Nate's death is more graphic than Ava's. Constantine then begins to cough blood, which Astra notes is atypical of his character of being a consumptive doctor. Sara theorizes that the game is becoming more realistic as time passes but the Legends cannot tell if they are becoming their characters due to their similarities to them, until Sara begins to dramatically mourns Ava as a Black Widow would. The Legends hear Behrad scream and they run into the entrance hall to see Ava's bloody corpse on the floor. Wanting to end the game, Sara attempts to reveal herself as the beast when the lights turn off and she is found dead as well.

Kayla talks with Mick

Kayla talks with Mick while repairing the jump drive

The remaining Legends attempt to show each other their role cards to prove they are not the beast but the cards are blank, with Sara's card revealing a message: YOU'RE ALL GOING TO DIE IN HERE. On the Waverider, Mick brings Kayla to the med bay as she explains that she tracked her ship's pod detector but the Legends have removed it from her ship to locate the pods. They explain that her ship is on Earth and Mick offers to bring her to Earth after she is healed. As she removes her disguise, Mick notes one of her tentacles is missing and she explains through Gary that she had to amputate the tentacle after it was stung by a Zaguron. Mick uses the med bay to grow Kayla a new tentacle as Gary explains to her that this also increases their journey time as their jump drive is broken. Redonning her human disguise, Kayla offers to fix the jump drive and Mick accepts, against Gary's objections. Mick attempts to apologize for leaving Kayla behind but she refuses to forgive him. Mick also attempts to tell Kayla about his pregnancy but Gary stops him and privately explains that Necrian females will kill the male parents if they believe the male parent to be unsuitable. While they converse in private, they fail to notice Kayla inserting an unknown device into Gideon. In the game, the Legends begin to deliberate further and fight amongst themselves until Constantine attempts a spell that should remove them from the game. As the spell fails, Constantine suggests they simply win the game to escape. Spooner then reveals that it is possible for them to lose, as if the beast kills everyone instead, characters are reset and the game starts again, meaning it is possible for them to be stuck in the game forever.

Zari finds Spooner and Astra dead in Beast-Slayers

Zari finds Spooner and Astra dead in Beast/Slayers

Astra Logue uses her powers as the game's soothsayer to speak to the beast, who only reveals that it is one of the Legends and plans to keep them in the game forever. Spooner attempts to leave the mansion but finds that the exit has been bricked up. She decides to find another way out of the mansion with Astra as Behrad pleads with them not to separate from the group. Astra and Spooner enter through various rooms but find that they only loop back into each other. In the entrance hall, Behrad gives Zari a fire poker to defend herself against Constantine as he goes to look for Astra and Spooner. As Constantine begins to cough violently, Zari leaves to find him water, with Constantine taking the opportunity to ingest more of the potion. As Zari pours a glass of water, a mysterious masked and cloaked figure watches her. Astra and Spooner fail to find an exit and Spooner decides to break a window so they can escape when the beast attacks them. Zari finds Behrad trembling with his hands covered in blood as he tells her that he found Spooner and Astra. Zari enters the room behind him to see their corpses on the floor as Behrad asks where Constantine is. Behrad accuses Constantine of being the beast as the latter accuses him as well. As Zari refuses to choose between her brother and her boyfriend, Constantine decides to lock himself inside the attic. On the Waverider, Gary finds a strange layer of slime on the floor with there being an increase in the ship's energy usage. Gideon explains that this increase in power usage appears to be from the med bay, and Gary discovers that Kayla's supposedly amputated tentacle is using the med bay to print an unknown organic item. Gideon informs Mick that Gary is under attack as Kayla takes his heat gun and reveals that she has tricked them. Kayla tells Mick that after she was abandoned, "he" saved her and she is repaying a debt as Gary sees a pair of human feet being constructed before being strangled to death. Before Kayla can shoot him, Mick reveals that he is pregnant and Kayla knocks him unconscious.

The Beast

The Beast reveals himself

In the game, Behrad laments that their parents will never know what happened to them and decides that he will tell them the truth once they escape. Behrad points out to Zari that Constantine said he used his imagination to create this illusion. Zari asks why Behrad is against Constantine but Behrad insists that Constantine has been acting strangely since he supposedly drank from the Fountain of Imperium. Behrad suggests that he and Zari accuse Constantine of being the beast to end the game, but she refuses and admits that she is in love with Constantine. Stunned at this revelation, Behrad notes that Zari has never said this about anyone, and inquires if Zari has told this to Constantine. She tells him she hasn't and he encourages her to take the leap and tell Constantine how she feels. Behrad maintains that he has nothing against Constantine, but feels that Constantine is hiding something. In the attic, the beast tells Constantine that he already knows how to end the game and berates him for using the red potion, revealing that every sip Constantine takes makes the place and the beast stronger. Constantine knocks the beast's mask off, only to see the beast is himself. The beast reveals himself to be Constantine's dark side, the part that sabotages his relationship, and has come to life after Constantine brought the game to life. Zari and Behrad hear Constantine struggling and rush to help him, and Zari stabs the beast in the back with the fire poker, killing it and freeing the Legends. Unhappy with the outcome, Ava asks to play again, against the Legends refusal. Sara is surprised to find that the Waverider is back on Earth and Astra wonders how long they were stuck in the game. Zari then points out Kayla's tentacle slither across the floor as the Legends watch it slither away in disgust.

File:Sara is horrified.png

Sara is horrified at what she discovers

Spooner catches the tentacle, as Ava and Sara wonder where Mick and Gary are as they need to reboot the entire ship in order to bring Gideon back online. Constantine is feeling faint but passes it off as being drained by the spell. Zari offers to go with him back to his house, but he insists that he will be fine on his own. Zari tells him she will bring his favorite tea and he kisses her in appreciation before leaving. Behrad asks if she will tell Constantine how she feels and she confirms that she will. Behrad apologies for blaming Constantine and tells her that he has decided to visit their parents. While at first planning to tell their parents the truth, he and Zari decide that it would be better if he just visits their parents without revealing the truth just yet. At Constantine's house, Constantine attempts to pour the potion away but finds that he lacks the will to do so. He instead falls asleep before being awoken by Zari who attempts to tell him that she loves him, when she sees a scar on his back exactly where she stabbed the beast. On the Waverider, Sara and Ava find Gary looking for his glasses in the medbay as the other Legends find Mick unconscious in the lab. As Nate tells Sara and Ava that they need to help Mick, Sara hears a familiar song and follows it to a room. As she opens the door, a look of disbelief and horror grows on her face.



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  • Ava mentions how inviting Barry Allen and Iris West-Allen to their wedding would be a mistake, as "there is a 100% chance that [their] special day will be blown up by a supervillain." This is a reference to the events of "Crisis on Earth-X, Part 1", where Barry and Iris' wedding ceremony was interrupted by Nazis from Earth-X, with Sara in attendance.
  • Beast/Slayers appears to be a combination of the party game Mafia (which Nate actually mentions in the episode as having a similar principle) and the board game Clue, the latter of which has been referenced several times throughout the show.
  • Behrad and Nate are playing Mortal Kombat 11 before being interrupted by Sara.
  • The Legends receive roles related to their personalities and backgrounds:
    1. Ava is the Eccentric Detective, as she was a compulsive orderly time bureau agent
    2. Sara is the Black Widow, referencing her assassin training. She is also the original beast of the game.
    3. Behrad is the Starving Artist, referencing his choice to pursue whatever he deems his calling instead of going to business school
    4. Nate is the Wealthy Foreigner, referencing his wealthy background
    5. Astra is the Reluctant Soothsayer, referencing her role in learning the dark arts
    6. Spooner is the Big Game Hunter, referencing how she is an alien hunter
    7. Zari is the Prima Donna, referencing her overall posh and upper-class demeanor
    8. Constantine is the Consumptive Doctor, referencing his dependence on the red potion for his magic
  • The beast wears the same mask as John Constantine's mysterious nemesis in Hellblazer (2019). Just as in the comic, the beast is revealed to be Constantine's dark side brought to life by his magic.


  • In the official press release for the episode, Adam Tsekhman's name was misspelt as "Adam Tsekham".
  • It is not explained why the Legends can't use a time courier to get back to Earth, as they had previously used Constantine's house as a temporary base of operations and the couriers as their method of time travel when Mick and Kayla took the Waverider to find Sara.[1]
    • However, the time courier doesn't have all functions that the Waverider has, and the Legends cannot leave a timeship by itself in outer space where anyone could hijack it, such as an hostile alien.
    • It is also unknown if the time couriers can travel interplanetary, as Nate's time courier failed to work until the Waverider was in range in the previous episode.