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"On this occasion... a home, more than bricks and mortar, and a turtle. It's uh, it's a feeling. It's a feeling of belonging, isn't it? Of, of love, of course. Of hope, for the future. I don't know if I have ever met two people who are more suited to one another than you two. To Barry and Iris."
H.R. Wells

"Borrowing Problems from the Future" is the tenth and midseason premiere episode of the third season of The Flash, and the fifty-sixth episode overall. It aired on January 24, 2017.



This scene begins with Barry seeing the vision of Savitar murdering Iris. Turns out it's a bad dream Barry has while dozing as he and Iris are sleeping. Barry advises her to return to rest yet Iris pressures him to discuss it. They appear to be very private.

Their telephones ring and get a ready that a fire is in progress. Iris makes reference to that Wally is going to beat Barry to the scene.

Barry hurries off and gets to the scene and he and Wally meet and discover that the fire is caught in a room. Barry understands that the fire will extend on the off chance that they open up the entryway so Bary makes a vortex to suck the fire out a window and go in to spare each.

Wally and Barry head back to STAR Labs and Wally specifies something about "kicking ass." Cisco catches him and gets a piece curt about how being superheroes aren't tied in with kicking ass.

While at STAR Labs, Caitlin makes notice to Cisco that her wristbands aren't working and continue passing on.

We see Wally stroll into the police office and the refined man they spared from the fire before is conversing with a police criminologist about how the Kid Flash is by all accounts more slow The Flash. Wally catches everything and shows a dislike his face.

Back at STAR Labs, Wells gives the gathering a visit through the historical center he's making and shows the gathering that he's made a 3D image of Cisco to use as a local escort.

Caitlin goes to visit Julian at the police headquarters and requests his assistance with blocking her powers saying she needs this "before she hurts someone else." Her wristbands begin blaring and she runs out into the foyer as we see her eyes turn white, as they've done in the quick while she was Killer Frost. She connects her wristband to a power source, implying that her powers may be wild if the wristbands are dead.

Back at Barry and Iris', Barry shocks her by unloading a portion of their products and Iris approaches him again about bad dreams he's been having. Barry's telephone begins sending a caution and it's a theft in progress. As Barry gets to the gems store, he discovers it's being burglarized by Jared Morillo.

At STAR Labs, Team Flash assembles to talk about the new looter who got away on a bike. Barry has a brisk flashback to the past course of events where the news reports are discussing Morillo and he interfaces the two that Morillo is presently in this current timetable because of Flashpoint.

Caitlin discovers her way back to the police division where we see her reassuring a down Julian about the activities he did under Savitar's influence. Caitlin recommends he joins Team Flash at STAR Labs and Julian decays.

Barry approaches Wells back at Team Flash HQ and asks him whether he has faith in a fixed future or an ever-evolving future. Wells reveals to Barry he thinks what's to come is constantly fixed with Cisco rings in and says another theft is in progress.

Barry Rushes and discovers Morillo in another theft. Morillo appears to have extraordinary projectiles that can case Barry and he in the long run dodges them just to see Wally appear and take Morillo leveled out. While an onlooker is recording a video, Wally investigates the camera and presents himself as Kid Flash.

The Flash and Kid Flash come back to STAR Labs and the air is happy. Everybody is high fiving, embracing, and praising Wally on halting Morillo however Barry dampers the disposition as he reminds Wally that he should shadow. On the way out, Joe reveals to Barry that "Whatever the explanation you have for teasing Wally, if it's not too much trouble get over it."

The opening of the STAR Labs Museum begins but and no visitors have come. A few strolls in and Wells takes a stab at getting permission expenses out of them and as the Cisco 3D image begins blaming out, the couple surges out of the historical center. Julian at that point strolls in and says he accepts Caitlin's proposal to join Team Flash.

Barry, Caitlin, Wally, iris, and Cisco are seen ground floor having a private discussion about the implications of Julian joining Team Flash and Caitlin reminds the gathering the Julian hasn't told anyone else about Barry being the The Flash. Barry brings Iris into the mystery room the Reverse Flash kept and shows Iris the paper he generally verifies whether the future changes.

Bary uncovers what he's been having bad dreams about: the conceivable future where Savitar murders Iris. Iris reminds Barry that he tossed the Philosopher's Stone into the Speed Force and there's a general uncomfortable inclination in the room. Barry consoles Iris that she's sheltered, in any event, heading off to the length of saying that he wagers on his parent's carries on with that he'll ensure her.

Barry and Iris share the future wherein the last is killed with Wally, Cisco, Caitlin, and Wells and they concur that they won't disclose to Joe West for the short term.

Wells utilizes Cisco's dominos to utilize a similarity with the gathering.

"Envision every domino is a second in time, every domino hits the following prompting the inescapable future," Wells said. "You could possibly change the future where you end up, yet you must be cautious about which occasions you modify."

Cisco chooses to vibe Barry into the future and the two stroll through time the future together and mention to the remainder of the gathering what they're seeing, including different TV features and reports.

Likewise later on - Wells has a rifle pointed at Savitar. The last time Barry was later on, Wells wasn't there so tells the gathering that the future has just changed. Cisco and Barry leave the vibe and Wally speeds in to disclose to Barry that Plunder has gotten away.

Barry recalls his future to perceive what store Plunder will hit up straightaway. Barry advises Wally to get ready and the last is reluctant after the concise upheaval Barry recently had. Barry apologizes and the two suit up and race off the prevent Morillo from his next heist.

As Wally goes up against Morillo, he gets shot with a blaster shot and stops to take a load off. After a concise expression of consolation from Barry, Wally chooses the two should assist the interest with Morillo. While in interest, Morillo fires a wide range of cutting edge contraptions towards the speedsters including a multi dimensional image divider. The two stop Morillo and bind him as a group approaches reciting Kid Flash's name.

Group Flash is back at STAR Labs viewing a news report about the capture of Morillo. Barry looks to the gathering and recognizes that on the off chance that they can fix one future, they can fix them all.

The group goes to see a huge group in the exhibition hall and we discover a totally working Cisco visit 3D image. Cisco pats Wells on the back and we discover that much after his underlying faltering on the 3D image, Cisco proceeded to fix the entirety of the wrinkles.

The end scene discovers us back at Barry and Iris' as the two host a house-warming get-together with the remainder of Team Flash. Julian winds up appearing with a container of wine and the group tell him that they've decided that he can join the group.

Barry proceeds to apologize to Joe in respects his activities towards Wally the earlier day as Julian and Cisco shock Caitlin with a power-blocking necklace. Wells gives a toast to Barry and Iris and the scene closes as we see Gypsy travel through a gateway and looks at a pocket-size 3D image of Wells.



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  • Cisco mentions Caitlin "going all Frozone" on them, referencing the ice-powered character from the Incredibles franchise.
  • H.R. says, "a man often meets his destiny on the very road he takes to avoid it," which is very similar to a quote by the French poet Jean de La Fontaine as well as Master Oogway from the Kung Fu Panda franchise.
  • Cisco quips, "Hang on, McFly. I'm about to vibe you back to the future," referencing the protagonist, Marty McFly, from the Back to the Future franchise.
  • Cisco and H.R. recite lines from a poem by Anna M. Pratt, as previously done in "Shade".
  • One of the future headlines reads that Music Meister received a 6-figure book deal. The Music Meister was a villain who debuted in the TV series Batman: The Brave and the Bold.
  • Barry's opening monologue for Season 3 has changed starting from this episode, now mentioning Savitar rather than Zoom.
  • This episode alludes in multiple ways to the Season 2 episode "Potential Energy":
    • Both episodes concern Barry's nightmares about a major villain (Savitar/Zoom) threatening the life of the woman he loves (Iris/Patty Spivot).
    • A "turtle" of some form is introduced (meta-human villain Russell Glosson/Barry and Iris's new pet turtle, McSnurtle).
    • The end features a cameo appearance of an interdimensional/time traveler (Gypsy/Reverse-Flash) who is wearing a projective device near the palm of their hand.
  • Starting with this episode, Julian is now an official member of Team Flash.
  • This episode takes place about a month after the events of the previous episode ("The Present"), meaning it would place this episode somewhere at the end of January 2017, bringing it up to date of when this episode aired.
  • The street used to film Plunder's arrest by Kid Flash was also used in an episode of Arrow, "Code of Silence" as a building targeted by the Demolition Team.
  • It is revealed that the date that Barry traveled to in the future in the previous episode, "The Present", was May 23, 2017.
    • And since May 23, 2017 is a Tuesday, it ended up being the date of the Season 3 finale, "Finish Line"​.
  • H.R. gives Barry and Iris a turtle named McSnurtle as a housewarming present. In the comics, McSnurtle is the secret identity of the Terrific Whatzit, DC comic's first funny animal comic book character. The Terrific Whatzit possessed superpowers similar to those of Jay Garrick, the Golden Age Flash, and wore a similar costume.
    • Iris owned a stuffed toy turtle by the same name as a child.[1]
  • There actually exists a Nebula Award for science-fiction.
  • Cisco saying, "This place is noice." during the housewarming party is a reference to the famous 2012 Key & Peele sketch "Noice".
  • The building in the back ground of many shots throughout this series and others in the Arrowverse with the circular tower on top is the Harbour center in Vancouver located at 555 W Hastings St, Vancouver, BC. The Lookout tower on top is home to the Top of Vancouver, revolving restaurant as well as an observation deck that is 168m or 551ft tall one of the tallest buildings in Vancouver.