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"The three will walk across the land and the blood of the weak will water the new world."
"Rao defies you. I defy you, and I will bring you low.
Purity and Supergirl

"Both Sides Now" is the thirteenth episode of the third season of Supergirl, and the fifty-fifth episode overall. It aired on February 5, 2018.




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"Both Sides Now" starts with Kara and the DEO uniting on the home of an affirmed Worldkiller. Winn shares that they have one warmth signature within, and when Kara and Alex stall the entryway to enter the home, they discover Julia Freeman — the woman we recently observed that was hit by a vehicle — in a back room.

Julia has no clue about why Supergirl and the DEO are in her home, and when a frightened Alex threatens to use her firearm on Julia, the last releases her forces against the group. Julia shows a sonic shout — much like Black Canary or Black Siren — yet J'onn is in the end ready to curb her.

Lena and Sam are talking at CatCo about Sam's ongoing activity execution. Lena shares that she's searching for extra assistance to help assume control over Sam's job, requesting the yet-to-be-uncovered Worldkiller to take a vacation day.

The group collects at the DEO, endeavoring to locate the command post for the Worldkillers. Mon-El, J'onn, and Winn disregard Kara and Alex. Kara admits to her more established sister that she's annoyed by the way that it appears that somebody assumed control over Julia's body.

Somewhere else, Mon-El approaches J'onn and Winn for their assistance in fixing the Legion boat so he and the remainder of the Legion can return to their particular time.

Kara and Alex stroll into Julia's holding cell to start a cross examination. Julia's eyes are as yet white, indicating that the Worldkiller persona is as yet dynamic. Julia uncovers her Worldkiller name is Purity.

While Kara is attempting to play "great cop," Alex steps in to assume the contrary job, taking steps to never let Julia out.

Sam gets Ruby from school so the two can both take an impromptu day off and go ice skating.

J'onn takes Mon-El and Winn to see his own boat, which acts like a covert convertible. Mon-El discloses to J'onn that the Legion boat has lost force, and J'onn offers the force source from his own boat to assist.

At the DEO, Kara attempts to get Purity to switch back to Julia. Kara utilizes an image of one of Julia's companions from the past in order to lure Julia back, however the Worldkiller persona doesn't move. Immaculateness takes steps to pound on Kara almost to death, and a displeased Alex pulls Kara outside, where the two quarrel over their incomprehensibly extraordinary treatment of the Worldkiller.

The trio is chipping away at getting the battery to take a shot at the Legion boat. Imra strolls in, attempting to help, and a disappointed Mon-El gets in a strained second with her, and it's uncovered the two are at a rough point in their relationship.

Back at the DEO, Purity gets into Alex's head, who tempests out of the room upset. Kara stands up to the Worldkiller about Alex being correct.

Sam and Ruby are seen ice skating.

Winn's working in the lab when he sees an annoyed Alex pacing to and fro outside. Winn sees the force source from the Legion boat he's taking a shot at has turned on in the lab, and goes to examine.

Sam and Ruby are in a race at the ice arena when Sam's eyes turn an alternate shading. Ruby pivots to converse with her mother, and Sam is mysteriously absent.

Immaculateness utilizes her forces to break out of her holding cell and thump Kara oblivious. She stands up to Winn and takes the force source from him before getting away from the DEO.

J'onn comes back to the Legion boat with a container of "Martian home brew" to impart to Mon-El. The Martian Manhunter advises Mon-El that he was hitched quite a long time ago. Mon-El opens up and uncovers that his union with Imra was basically an imagine marriage.

Mon-El admits to J'onn that he confines his time around Kara now since he despite everything has affections for her, and Imra gets furious. J'onn says that marriage is "sharing," and urges Mon-El to impart his emotions to Imra so she comprehends what's happening. J'onn's telephone goes off, and the pair is made aware of Purity's breakout at the DEO.

Lena moves toward a distressed Ruby at the skating arena. Lena consoles Ruby that she'll get to the base of her mother's ongoing jokes.

J'onn and Mon-El show up at the DEO a similar second Kara and Alex stroll in. Winn gives them four earpieces that would hinder Purity's sonic forces. Rule is at her Fortress and gets a request to discover Purity and bring her back there.

Immaculateness' beginning to do a type of custom on the tram, and is before long drawn nearer by Kara, and the two start battling in the metro burrow. Mon-El, Alex, and J'onn encompass her, and in spite of the fact that the group is unphased by her forces because of Winn's new tech, Purity shoots a gap through the floor, which the gathering fails to work out.

The gathering starts battling in the tram station, where many regular folks go around quickly. Kara and Purity battle while J'onn, Winn, and Alex center around saving the entirety of the regular folks from the harm caused.

Virtue has overwhelmed Kara until Alex runs up and begins tending to her by Julia. Julia assumes control over her body again and lets Kara go. Reign flies in and is going to murder Alex when Julia offers herself up. Rule takes Julia and takes off.

Rule has taken Julia back to the Fortress of Sanctuary, where she's apparently going to start a type of preparing.

On the Legion boat, Winn has fixed the force source and disregards Mon-El and Imra. Mon-El apologizes to his better half for the way he's been acting and concedes that being back by Kara is mistaking for him. Imra inquires as to whether he despite everything cherishes Kara, and he concedes he doesn't have the foggiest idea. Mon-El says he will work through it, yet Imra separations herself and discloses to her significant other that it's at last time she reveals to him why the Legion is truly in National City.

Kara and Alex are out having a beverage. The two discussion about their issues with adoration and promise each other that they'll in the long run locate "the one."

Sam runs into Lena's office searching for Ruby. Lena uncovers that Ruby educated her regarding different occasions Sam has fled. An irritated Sam passes out once more, and Lena acknowledges what Sam's issue is. Lena consoles Sam that she's going to improve everything.





  • Alex says, "Purity is down, Reign and Pestilence to go" before Julia identifies herself as Purity. At that time, Alex couldn't have known whether the woman they captured was Purity out of Purity and Pestilence.