Bowman College is a scientific school in Freeland.


Lynn Stewart was working at Bowman College when she received a call from Jefferson Pierce, but hung up due to being busy.[1]

Kam Yuen showed Lynn a brain scan of an individual on Green Light, shocked at how it defied their understanding. Sometime later, Lynn was ambushed by people breaking in to steal her research. She was tied up, but the thugs were beaten down by Anissa Pierce. Shortly following, before Anissa could untie her mother, Black Lightning appeared and beat her unconscious, mistaking her for being the actual thug.[2]

Lynn had her daughter Jennifer help her out in place of having no after-school activities. She helped her clean up after the break-in, but Lynn allowed Jennifer to go after realizing a heap of documents had disappeared.[3]

Jefferson visited Bowman College to tell Lynn of his findings regarding kidnapped meta-humans, before also telling her about his "electric vision" powers. Anissa and Jennifer later came by, whereupon they discovered through MRI as to the nature of the latter's powers.[4]

Known employees

Current employees


Black Lightning


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