"Boys Night" is the seventh chapter of the comic book series Arrow. It was released digitally on November 21, 2012.



A group of thieves break into a jewelry store and steal some expensive pieces using a special laser. Suddenly, The Hood bursts into the store, demanding they put the merchandise back. The men fire at him, but Oliver shoots and kills them before confronting the leader, repeating his demands. However, the man blindsides The Hood by throwing a flash grenade and escapes.

The next day, Oliver meets Tommy at a bar for burgers, apologizing for being late. Tommy suggests they have a guys' night out and go clubbing tonight for old times' sake. Oliver is briefly distracted by a news report of the robbery last night which suspects The Hood of stealing the jewelry. He is reluctant to go out due to his plans to track the thief, but Tommy persists and Oliver gives in.

That night at the Arrowcave, Oliver is researching the diamond thief, James Ryan, when Diggle arrives. He wonders why Oliver isn't wearing his Hood suit, to which the latter explains he is planning to have a guys' night out with Tommy. Diggle refuses to masquerade as The Hood again,[1] but Oliver has a different idea; despite his partner's skepticism, Oliver leaves Diggle in charge of tracking Ryan, believing he can spend time with Tommy and apprehend the thief at the same time.

Oliver and Tommy begin partying at Starry Nights. Tommy convinces two women to dance with them just as Oliver gets a text from Diggle with Ryan's location. Oliver declines the invitation, claiming he and Tommy are leaving, much to the latter's exasperation. However, Tommy instantly cheers up when they arrive at Alley Cat's, a strip club. Oliver spots Ryan heading to the back exit and secretly follows him under the guise of looking for a stripper named "Candy".

Outside, Ryan prepares to sell the stolen jewelry to a buyer when The Hood interrupts the deal. Oliver kills the buyer and his men before facing Ryan once more. Ryan attempts to use a flash grenade again, only to find that the vigilante had taken it during the fight. The Hood sets off the grenade and knocks Ryan out. He then drops Ryan off in front of the Starling City Police Department with the stolen jewelry.

Later that night, Oliver goes to see Tommy at the latter's apartment. Tommy is upset that Oliver blew him off, to which the latter claims Candy "kept [him] up late". However, Tommy calls Oliver out on the lie, stating none of the strippers saw him. When Oliver can't offer up an explanation, a disappointed Tommy states that his excitement at getting his best friend back is all for nothing because Oliver "might as well still be on that island". Oliver walks off, despondent.



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