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"I know you lost your whole world, your friends, your home. I miss what I had, too. I know what you're going through, how responsible you must feel."
"You don't know anything!"
Kara Danvers and Brainiac 5[src]

Brainiac 5 is one of the doppelgängers of Querl Dox that survived the Anti-Monitor Crisis.


During the Anti-Monitor Crisis

Brainiac 5 foresaw his Earth’s impending doom and managed to safely trap it within a bottle before he escaped to the new reality of Earth-Prime.[1]

Arriving at Earth-Prime

"Why should this Earth live, when every other one DIED?"
—Brainiac to the Superfriends

Intending to unseal his Earth, Brainiac fought with his Earth-Prime counterpart and his allies, desperately wanting to bring back his world despite the fact that doing so on Earth's surface would likely destroy both worlds. Eventually, he was convinced to stand down, and he along with the other survivors of his Earth sealed themselves in the bottle with it as well.[1]

Powers and abilities


  • Coluan physiology: Being a synthetic life form, Brainiac's physiology allows him to shape his body and interact with technology.[1]
    • Cybernetic interface/Technopathy: Brainiac is a Coluan cybernetic being. He is able to transfer the body in the form of digital code and teleport through any technology by flying into it while in digital form.[1]
    • Superhuman strength: Brainiac has shown extreme feats of inhuman strength able to shove Nia over a table with enough force to injure her.[1]


  • Genius-level intellect: Brainiac is also presumably a "12th-level intellect".[1]


  • Computer viruses: Since Brainiac is an A.I., he can be subjected to computer viruses like the anti-life equation.[1]



Season 5

Behind the scenes

  • The episode subtitles dubbed him “Evil Brainy”.


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