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For the eponymous organization, see Solntsevskaya Bratva.
"To our imperfect union. Vashe zdorovie."
Anatoly Knyazev to Oliver Queen

"Bratva" is the twelfth episode of the fifth season of Arrow, and the one-hundred-fourth episode overall. It aired on February 8, 2017.



The scene starts in a flashback with Talia taking Oliver (complete with his old green hood) off on a preparation run against some low level street pharmacists. After they polish them off, Talia shoots a bolt at Oliver. Oliver gets the bolt effectively, to which Talia reacts that he's starting to see that the man who races in obscurity is never without sight.

In the current day, Susan Williams visits Oliver and ribs him about their relationship (or its absence) when Quentin out of the blue appears at the workplace. He's calm and out of recovery and even offers Susan an on-camera meet. A brief time later, Oliver holds a question and answer session to say thanks to Chase for sparing Diggle. At the point when the gathering is finished, Williams approaches Chase for a meeting about the passing of Det. Malone, however he can't. She at that point gets a press alert expressing that General Walker and his men got away from authority (murdering 30 all the while) and that the nuke trigger he took is as yet absent.

Back at the Arrowcave, Felicity tells Diggle and Oliver that Walker is taking the nuke to Russia to offer it to a gathering of Markovian separatists. Since the FBI and ARGUS can't go to Russia, Oliver says he'll take the group to Russia. Be that as it may, he abandons Rene to watch Quentin.

Quentin doesn't need Rene around, however Rene brings up that he's recently out of recovery, not a lawmaker, and is going to meet the media. Quentin hesitantly lets Rene remain.

Oliver carries the group to Russia, where he's met by Anatoly, who welcomes him with a punch and an admonition that he ought to have never returned. Oliver is confounded, however Anatoly calls attention to that he threatened to use a firearm on one of his Bratva brothers (a few seasons back) and that man wound up dead. Anatoly cautions him to return home, or there will be consequences.

The group sets up an impermanent base at a relinquished ARGUS safe house. Oliver discloses to the remainder of the group that Slade slaughtered Oliver's Bratva contact quite a while back, however Dinah says they'll most likely need Anatoly's assistance to pull the mission off.

Oliver appears at Anatoly's bar and apologizes. Oliver at that point calls attention to that Anatoly owes him for Gregor. Anatoly yields the point and says he'll help Oliver for some help. Oliver cannot, so Anatoly offers him some free guidance: act rapidly.

In a flashback, Talia says their next objective is a street pharmacist who's been providing medications to Starling City. Oliver perceives the medications as what Thea reclaimed in Starling City.

Dinah assists Felicity with making sense of that Walker is most likely utilizing a similar model of telephone he utilized in the US. She says that she has a contact in Russia that may be "persuaded" to help hack the Russian telephone arrange, gave Curtis and Rory act like Bratva. Felicity then solid arms a Russian system administrator to give her entrance to the system utilizing data she found off of Pandora.

Oliver and his group track Walker to a deserted structure, however it's a trap. Walker's men pin Oliver and Diggle down while Walker get away. When Dinah shows up to protect Oliver, she takes out one of Walker's men. Oliver snatches Walker's associates trusting he'll part with Walker's area.

Oliver brings the associate down to his sheltered house's storm cellar and undermines him with a vehicle battery. He gives the thugs time to stew, despite the fact that Diggle needs to torment him right away.

In a flashback, Oliver kills the Starling City street pharmacist.

Back in Star City, Rene prepares Quentin for his meeting. When Rene raises Laurel's demise, Quentin loses his cool and tempests out.

Felicity educates Rory concerning the Pandora information reserve. Rory says that the reserve is a significant obligation and that she shouldn't manhandle it. Felicity says that she needs to battle fire with fire, yet Rory is increasingly stressed over Felicity. At the point when Oliver appears, Rory snitches on Felicity. Before Oliver can ask more, he hears Diggle giving a good old fashioned thumping to their prisoner. With the man oblivious and incapable to talk, Oliver goes to Anatoly and consents to support him.

Oliver brings Dinah to close down one of Anatoly's adversaries (Oliver breaks two of the man's fingers as an update). Subsequently, Oliver says that he needed to move past his time in the Bratva, however this strategic that he hasn't changed by any stretch of the imagination. Oliver opens up to Dinah about Prometheus and says that Felicity and Diggle are both influenced as well, yet Dinah says that they'll hear him out.

Rene discloses to Quentin that Susan Williams affirmed her arrangement. Quentin then apologizes and says that he's attempting to make sense of an approach to live with Laurel's demise without liquor. Rene plunks down and offers to do another false meeting.

Over in Russia, Oliver tells Diggle and Felicity that he returned to the Bratva to forestall Diggle and Felicity from committing similar errors he did. Oliver says that he needs them both to be superior to him, since that is the reason they cooperate. Anatoly appears and says he has Walker's area and extra men to even the chances.

Oliver and the group show up similarly as Walker moves the nuke. While the van diverting the nuke gets, Dinah and Oliver pursue it down and prevents it from escaping. In the interim, Diggle thrashes Walker, however Walker says that he was never wanting to sell the nuke. Walker would have liked to "sell" the nukes on numerous occasions over, however he triggers a safeguard that will make it detonate shortly. Walker additionally attempts to prod Diggle into shooting him, yet Diggle remains down.

Felicity attempts to incapacitate the nuke, yet she just accelerates the commencement. Rory folds his clothes over the bomb (all things considered, they endure one blast) and advises Felicity to run. Oliver shows up to see a monster glimmer and runs inside. Incredibly, Rory endure the blast, though looking somewhat worn out.

The following day, Oliver, Anatoly, and his group commend the fruitful crucial. Diggle says that working with Oliver and Felicity makes him a superior individual. Anatoly approaches Oliver for his assistance on another Bratva crucial, Oliver says that their game plan was an impermanent one. Anatoly brings up that Oliver made a vow to the Bratva, one that is not extremely simple to break.

In a last flashback, Oliver discovers that Gregor had Anatoly beaten for scrutinizing his game plan with Kovar. Anatoly says that they can't take care of Gregor, yet Oliver calls attention to that they can simply execute Gregor.

Oliver makes a beeline for Star City and immediately lays down with Susan. Susan gets some information about Oliver's numerous scars and tattoos, yet Oliver says he's not prepared to discuss those now. Susan says that is alright, yet her hand waits on his Bratva tattoo.

Rene visits Quentin and says that Susan Williams backed off of him. Things being what they are, Rene revealed to Susan that Quentin helped him as a child and put him on a superior way.

Felicity discovers that Rory is leaving town, as his cloth suit isn't working any longer. The nuke shorted out his clothes and Rory feels like he'd be a risk to the group without powers. At the point when Felicity exits, he gets a book from her programmer companion urging Felicity to keep utilizing Pandora.

Susan meets with her administration contact, who affirms that Oliver had dealings with the Bratva before coming back to America. He likewise shows her an image of a hooded bowman that was dynamic in Russia during a similar timespan that Oliver was there. Susan understands that Oliver and the Green Arrow must be a similar individual.


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Preparation ran from November 3 until November 14, 2016, with a break on November 11 for Remembrance Day. Filming began November 15 and ran until November 28, 2016, with a break on November 24 and 25 for Thanksgiving.[1]



  • During the flashback sequences of this episode, Talia points out to Oliver that Hideo Yamane was making a routine drug trade, and shows Oliver a picture of some pills, similar to those that Thea had been buying off her dealer. While the drug goes unnamed, they seem to be some sort of offset of Vertigo; If this drug is indeed Vertigo, this creates a plot hole, as Thea was never introduced to Vertigo until her 18th birthday party all the way back in Season 1.