"OK... ok. A break-up cube is kind of what it sounds like. You know, record a message for the person you want to... you pick a music setting. There are tissues that pop out if you need that."
Harry Wells [src]

A break-up cube is a device present on Earth-2 which is used as a convenient way of breaking up with another person without meeting face-to-face.


After Jesse Wells became too busy with her work in her universe, she decided to break up with Wally West using a break-up cube.[1]

Gypsy also sent a cube resembling a break-up cube to Cisco Ramon for Christmas though according to Harry Wells, they were something else entirely.[2]


  • Holographic video: A holographic video message is recorded by the person who wants to break-up.[1]
  • Tissues: Some tissues supposedly pop out in case you need to cry.[1]
  • Music: A music setting can be picked for a calm environment.[1]


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