Brett Collins is an alcoholic from Star City. It was believed by Laurel Lance from Earth-2 that he was his Earth-2 doppelgänger, however, this was later proven not to be the case.


Early life

Brett obtained many charges over the years including public intoxication, stalking and anti-vigilante violence.[1]

Stalking Laurel Lance

When newly-elected district attorney Laurel Lance went to a bar with Felicity Smoak, Brett confronted her and exclaimed that she deserved to be in prison due to her being the former Black Canary. As he got close to her, a barman approached and held him back.[1]

The next day, Laurel was left a threatening note in her office at City Hall, which she believed was from Collins. She then tracked him down to a bar and as he was about to urinate in the street, she got his attention and held him in a chokehold against the wall. Just as she was about to use her sonic scream on him, she was stopped by Felicity, who dragged her off. He was later taken into custody by the SCPD. As Laurel informed captain Dinah Drake of Collins stalking her, Collins will presumably remain in jail for an extended period of time.[1]


Brett is a heavy alcoholic, and when he is drunk, he is not afraid to confront someone if he is not fond of them, as seen when he confronted Laurel Lance in a bar.[1]


  • Basic hand-to-hand combatant: Collin has be able to land a punch; but was no match against Laurel Lance.



Season 7


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