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Brian Gideon (died 1990) was a scientist of S.T.A.R. Labs. He wanted to poison Central City in order to avenge Costa Luca, but failed.


Early life

At some point, Brian worked as a scientist for F.B.I. agent Quinn in Costa Luca. After an incident where a toxin killed hundreds thousands people in Costa Luca and that incident where covered by a simple gas leak by Quinn, he quits and joined S.T.A.R. Labs in order to start a new life until he finds out that he still works on a boxing for Quinn. At some point, he created an invisibility belt.

Revenge on S.T.A.R. Labs and death

6 month after quitting S.T.AR. Labs he used his invisibility belt to release the toxin of Project Pandora to contaminate the whole building trapping Tina McGee and Ruth Werneke inside. He knocked out Bernhardt a security guard and locked the employees out of any information on Project Pandora so that S.T.A.R. Labs had no chance of escape. Later, Gideon had sought out others who worked on the project in order to kill them. Using his invisibility belt, he had succeeded in killing Dr. Emil Velinski and started to target Dr. Taylor Cartwright. After knocking out a cop and killed the doctor, he tries to kill the Flash who tries to prevent him, but he got thrown on a car wearing off his invisibility giving Quinn the time to ID him. Brian faced off against the Flash in his home trying to explain his motivation in avenging Costa Luca. The Flash sought the opportunity to try to get the antidote, but Gideon refused when the FBI had arrived believing that he set him up. Gideon turn invisible and continue with his plan to poison the whole city with Project Pandora by throwing the toxin in the City's reservoir. He was killed by the Flash who figured out a way to short circuit his belt system with electricity.[1]


  • Invisibility belt: Brian could use the belt he created to become invisible and commit crimes.


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