Commissioner Brian Nudocerdo is the former police commissioner of the Star City Police Department. He was the superior officer of both Quentin Lance and the late Lucas Hilton.


Early life

At some point, Brian Nudocerdo became commissioner of the SCPD. During this time, he was affiliated with the elite of Starling City, including the Queen family.[1]

Encountering a second archer

In December 2012, Brian was invited to the Queen Mansion for dinner. He discussed his disapproval of the Hood's actions, though noted that the vigilante had helped to reduce crime in Starling City. Brian was suddenly alerted to the murder of Adam Hunt and rushed off to the crime scene, meeting with Sergeant Quentin Lance. Noticing the difference in the arrows, Quentin reported that it wasn't The Hood, concluding the perpetrator to be a "copycat".

Following a second murder, Nelson Ravich, Brian requested Quentin put in his report that it was the work of the Hood. However, Quentin refused, prompting Brian to take him off the case. Afterwards, Brian gave a televised report claiming the Hood was responsible for the recent string of murders and asking the citizens of Starling City to help the police apprehend the vigilante.[1]

Brian's attempt to publicly blame the murders on the Hood failed miserably when it was revealed the true culprit was the Dark Archer. As a result, Brian was publicly humiliated. He was also fired from his department by the police board, for illegally trying to blame the crimes of another on the Hood.



Season 1

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Commissioner Brian Nudocerdo was the corrupt police chief of Star City and frequent adversary of Mayor Oliver Queen until his murder at the hands of Nix. Nudocerdo once attempted to indict Oliver by exposing the latter's support of the Outsiders, causing a citywide scandal.


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