"Maybe what the preacher's doing is legitimate. From what I read, Briarwood went through a pretty rough drought this past year. Everyone's trying to make ends meet. Maybe these people get to have their miracles."
—Zed Martin to John Constantine[src]

Briarwood was a rural town in the state of Kentucky; United States. Preacher Zachary owned a church in the town, where an angel feather incident happened.


This town was the cite of the First Assembly of God, a "rattlesnake revival" Protestant church. In an incident involving a suddenly angry rattlesnake, the local preacher Zachary died, but was immediately revived by an angel feather given to him by Imogen, a scheming fallen angel that tried to corrupt the town and get her feather back with siphoned soul energy. As Zachary was healing many people coming to the church, he was spreading Imogen's corruption, turning them into ghouls. The plot was stopped by Manny, John Constantine and Zed Martin.[1]



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