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"They just got their butts kicked by that—that—that Bee Man."
Donna Smoak on Brie Larvan's combat robot[src]

A combat robot, nicknamed "Bee Man" by Donna Smoak, was designed by Brie Larvan. It was used as a part of her plot to infiltrate Palmer Technologies and steal the technology that would cure her future paralysis.


The combat robot would appear as a part of some complex amalgamation process of Brie Larvan's smaller bee-like combat robots. It was designed with a honyecomb hexagonal pattern in mind, with a yellow-black color scheme, and a helmet resembling an insectoid head, prompting Donna Smoak to dub it as the "Bee Man".

Brie's Robotic bees had the ability to quickly engage into and disengage from the combat robot formation, but would be unable to do so if a part of the robot was destroyed or rendered inactivate, which was proven true when Felicity Smoak managed to stun the robot with a jolt of electricity.[1]


The Robotic bees used by Brie Larvan were able to unite into this combat robot to protect their creator during Brie's plot to steal specific designs from Palmer Technologies. The combat robot was able to go toe-to-toe with the Green Arrow and proved to be as dangerous as the impenetrable barriers created by Brie's other robotic bees. However, the robot was so pulled into its confrontation with the Green Arrow that it lost its sense of surroundings and was ultimately destroyed by Felicity Smoak, who jolted the creation with a bolt of electricity from a destroyed lamp.[1]

Weapon specifications[]

Green Arrow fights the bee-man

The robot was strong enough to be a match for the Green Arrow.

  • Skilled hand-to-hand combatant: The robot would fight akin to humans, using its fists and legs. It was strong enough to be a problem for Oliver Queen.[1]
  • Transformation: The robot was formed by an amalgamation of robotic bees, which had the ability to abandon this united robotic form and go back to being their smaller bee-like versions.[1]



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Behind the scenes[]

  • The combat robot somewhat resembles the armor used by the Bug-Eyed Bandit in DC Comics.
  • The combat robot also resembles the armor used by H.I.V.E. troops under the control of Queen Bee in DC Comics.