An abandoned greenhouse was used as Brie Larvan's hideout until she was captured by the Flash. It is located in Central City.


Sometime after Brie Larvan was fired from Mercury Labs by Tina McGee; for attempting to develop robotic bees for military use (whereas these bees had originally been developed for agricultural use and the benefit of mankind), she began utilizing an abandoned greenhouse as her base of operations where she plotted and executed her revenge on the people she blamed for ruining her life.

Eventually Team Flash, with the aid of Felicity Smoak, discovered the location of Brie's hideout. When Barry Allen (under the guise of the Flash) approached Brie he tried his utmost to reason with her, sharing that he understood the pain of betrayal (having recently discovered the true identity of Harrison Wells as the Reverse-Flash, the man who murdered his mother) Barry plead with Brie not to kill Tina McGee, though unfortunately, this attempt failed and she instead tried to kill him with the use of her robotic bees. This attempt was thwarted by Felicity, who hacked into the bees frequency and deactivated them. Barry then handcuffed Brie and it can be assumed that she was subsequently sent to prison for the murder of Lindsay Kang and Bill Carlisle, and the attempted murder of Tina McGee.

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