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===''The Flash''===
===''The Flash''===
====Season 1====
====Season 1====
*{{Ep|All Star Team Up }}
*{{Ep|All Star Team Up}}
====Season 4====
*{{Ep|Beacon of Hope}}

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Brie Larvan, nicknamed Bug-Eyed Bandit by Cisco Ramon and Ray Palmer, is a former mechanical engineer of Mercury Labs


Brie Larvan's Mercury Labs record

Brie Larvan's Mercury Labs record.

Working at Mercury Labs

Brie once worked at Mercury Labs, developing robotic bees for agricultural purposes. However, she continued to develop them for military-grade application, leading to Lindsay Kang and Bill Carlisle reporting her to their boss, Tina McGee. For this, she was fired.[1]

Targeting her former co-workers

Bug-Eyed Bandit's robotic honey bee

Robotic honey bee under the microscope.

Growing bitter from being fired, Brie began to go after her former co-workers. She sent her bees remotely after Lindsay Kang and then Bill Carlisle, killing them both by injecting copious amounts of apitoxin. She was almost thwarted by The Flash and his team, but the bees stung The Flash, nearly killing him. Brie sent her bees after Tina McGee, but before long she was located by the S.T.A.R. Labs team, who sent The Flash. She sent some bees to swarm him, but was fought for control by Felicity Smoak. In the end, Felicity was able to both turn them off, as well as redirect the bees directed at Dr. McGee, in turn short-circuiting them. She was ultimately captured by The Flash.[1]


Brie is a zealous and ambitious scientific mind. It can be she was once a humane person who had intended her inventions - namely a swarm of robotic bees - for development and progress as they were initially put to agricultural use. Somewhere along the line, however, her vision had became distorted as she then began to see their potential for military use. She was then thwarted by the whistle-blowing efforts of her co-workers Lindsay Kang and Bill Carlisle who reported her actions to their boss, Tina McGee, who was forced to terminate her employment. Brie then became bitter, cold and vengeful, willing to kill the people she blamed for ruining her life, without hesitation to hurt innocents when necessary in pursuit of her plan. Brie can be described as intelligent, calculating and fiercely confident, she does not take well to betrayal and even when confronted by opponents who are more powerful than she is, like the Flash, she does not back down.


  • Genius level intellect: Brie is very intelligent, as it took her years to developed robotic bees.
  • Computer specialist: Brie is a highly skilled computer specialist.
  • Expert computer hacker: Brie is a capable computer hacker, she was able to hack into the computers from S.T.A.R. Labs, and cause one of the computers to explode, her computer hacking skills are at Felicity's level.


  • Robotic bees: Brie created robotic bees for agricultural use. However, she later designed them for military use, with the venom in each their stingers powerful enough to kill a full-grown elephant.[1]


The Flash

Season 1


Season 4


  • In the DC comics, Bug-Eyed Bandit is a villain of The Atom, but is in fact a male named Bertram Larvan.
  • Cisco initially planned on naming Brie as "Queen Bee". In the DC comics, Queen Bee has been a name shared by four super-villains, two of which are extraterrestrials who rule over an insect planet, while the other two are human queens of the fictional nation of Bialya. Some incarnations have been associated with H.I.V.E. and were known under the alias of the H.I.V.E. Queen.


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