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"Love is a bullet to the brain, or an arrow to the heart."
Carrie Cutter's new mantra

"Broken Hearts" is the sixteenth episode of the fourth season of Arrow, and the eighty-fifth episode overall. It aired on March 23, 2016.



The scene opens on a youthful couple, bleeding and attached to seats, while Cupid circles them, singing an adoration melody.

She ask the pair on the amount they love one another, and when they vow genuine affection, she executes them.

In court, Damien Darhk's lawyer demands that he was a casualty, not a culprit, and that the argument against him ought to be excused. The appointed authority says that before she does that she will hear proof from Laurel.

At Oliver's condo, Felicity is moving out, and requests that Oliver drop the wedding scene with the goal that she can uninvite the visitors. The gets some information about Team Arrow, and he says that she's obviously still a section o the group, paying little mind to their status as a team.

In the flashback, Oliver, Taiana, Reiter and others clear their path through an underground corridor. They go to a special stepped area where there's a horned veil, and Reiter says that he originated from an African town that was demolished to the ground. At the point when Oliver challenges him on how extraordinary he'll be than the ones who torched his town, he says that he's altogether different and shoots somebody.

At the refuge, Laurel comes in to tell the group she needs proof, and that the Ghosts took their cyanide containers. Thea and Felicity offer to affirm about their own kidnappings, and Felicity uncovers to the group that they's said a final farewell to Oliver.

Oliver is gathered to a wrongdoing scene by Lance, who shows him the assemblages of the two youthful darlings, masterminded in a heart shape around a note that says "Love is dead."

Back at the nest, Diggle uncovers that Cutter worked her way off of Task Force X. It turns out the casualties were well off, drew in socialites.

In court, Darhk's legal advisor investigates Diggle, saying that he has proof that Diggle helped Thea purchase cocaine. After they all leave the court, Team Arrow is stressed that Darhk's legal counselor will expose them all as vigilantes. Arrowaffirm, regardless of the peril to himself, however Laurel isn't hearing it.

Felicity calls with the area of Cupid, who has taken another big name couple prisoner. She's driving them around in a limo, which Team Arrow seeks after through Pennytown. Thea, sticking to the top of the limo, is harmed when it crashes through a carport. Oliver advises Diggle to take care of his sister, and drives his bike into the distribution center where he makes the limo crash, yet Cupid has just left it and is utilizing the vehicle as an interruption. After she hits him a couple of times, he figures out how to tie her up with a bolo bolt, yet she slips her securities and departures while he's centered around sparing the prisoners.

Group Arrow makes sense of that she's focusing on VIP couples, while Felicity is being un-nuance enraged. Thea and Diggle advise Oliver to request that her return to him.

In the flashback, the man Reiter shot passes on, and his spirit enters the symbol on the raised area. Eritrea connects with it, and a tattoo on his arm sparkles. He says that he's retaining the intensity of a solitary life, and educates his shooters to murder the remainder of them outdoors.

At Laurel's loft, Lance comes to see her, getting some information about other likely observers from Oliver's vacation party. At the point when she says none of them consented to affirm, and that she can't get insusceptibility for her dad, Lance says that the needs to affirm in any case. At long last, she concurs, yet relying on the prerequisite that he says he acted under pressure.

At the nest, Felicity has broke down a piece of Cupid's outfit to verify that she's probable hanging out at a drawn out storeroom for wedding dresses. The group heads to the area, and Diggle finds an edge of the room set up as a place of worship. They discover Oliver and Felicity's commitment declaration, which he takes to the refuge and recommends they get hitched to get the objective off of an honest couple and onto them.

Felicity wouldn't like to make herself an objective, however hesitantly concurs. They choose to release that there's a private, mystery wedding going on.

In the flashback, Oliver and Taiana come up short on cavern to go through, and get an approach the CB radio from Reiter, saying that he's going to come after them on the off chance that they don't return.

In court, Lance confesses to all that he accomplished for Darhk. On interrogation, they can't jab an opening in his contention since he calls attention to that he's devastating his vocation and most likely his life thusly.

At Oliver and Felicity's wedding setting, there's no indication of Cupid yet. Felicity enters, and Oliver is overwhelmed. Felicity is restless. The Justice of the Peace reveals to them that they have composed their own pledges, and keeping in mind that Felicity's are cursory, Oliver's are inside and out and ardent. As Felicity is going to react mournfully, Cupid appears and begins shooting bolts. She fires one right at Oliver, apparently puncturing his heart, and afterward sets off a gadget that she says will cut down the structure on head of Felicity.

Oliver gets up, uncovering that his protector demanded kevlar. She approaches what their arrangement is for the explosives, and after a monolog about her messed up heart, she says that she's simply removing the center man in the entire "until the end of time" thing.

Felicity talks her down, saying that affection doesn't rise to death, that adoration is life. She conveys a discourse that reflects Oliver's promises, saying that their affection gives her life importance and reason, and that it merits living for.

What's more, similarly as Cupid is going to sorrowfully submit to Felicity's impact, Team Arrow comes in to stop her. After a tussle, Thea ties her up and Oliver shoots her in the leg.

After the function, Cupid is pulled path by police and Oliver and Felicity talk about their individual affirmations. Oliver needs to get together to discuss it, however Felicity wouldn't like to focus on a period.

Thea comes to uncover that the appointed authority is going to render a decision on the Darhk case, thus Felicity keeps to change separate from her wedding dress.

In the flashback, a couple of Reiter's men come after Oliver and Taiana, yet the pair debilitate them and take their firearms.

In court, the appointed authority recognizes that the proof against Darhk is feeble, however that Lance's declaration was convincing, as Darhk's movement to excuse has been denied.

At the police office, Lt.Pike discloses to Lance that he's being suspended and requests his identification and firearm. Tree offers to protect him before Internal Affairs, yet he advises her to concentrate looking into it.

Back at the den, Oliver is viewing the news when Felicity comes to see him. He discloses to her that he implied all that he said in the wedding, and Felicity says she cherishes him yet she can't wed him. She says that regardless of the amount he cherishes her, there will consistently be a piece of him that defaults back to the man who was stuck on the island alone, and went to the city alone. She accepts he'll always really be unable to change, and she is sorry, yet says she wasn't right when she persuaded him that they could have everything.

She reveals to Oliver that she's leaving Team Arrow since it's too difficult to even think about being around it however not be with him. She discloses to him that they'll be fine without her, and that there's no fixing what's going on with their relationship. She says she wouldn't like to release him, yet she's as of now gone.

In prison, Darhk is accompanied to his phone, where he hauls a ring out of his mouth and places it on his finger, at that point resembles he's ruminating and grins.


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Preparation ran from January 12 until January 20, 2016. Shooting ran from January 21 until February 1, 2016.[1]


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  • Thea says Cupid "brings a whole new meaning to crazy ex-girlfriend". This is a reference to The CW's other television series Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.
  • Thea calls Felicity, "Felicity Scissorhands", a reference to the titular protagonist of the 1990 film, Edward Scissorhands.


  • In the newspaper clipping announcing Oliver and Felicity's engagement, it states the bride and groom have degrees from the local universities, which is an error; Felicity graduated from MIT and moved to Starling City after[2][3] whilst Oliver never received any degree, having dropped out of four schools, all of which were Ivy League.[4][5]
    • However, it's possible Oliver and Felicity intentionally leaked incorrect information to keep their wedding low-profile.
    • Given the disorganized state of the paper's info, it may also be a joke by the producers.