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"That anger you felt that made you want to use your powers the way you did tonight, I have those feelings, too."
"You do?"
"Yes. But I keep them in check. Otherwise, I risk losing the trust of the very people I've sworn to protect. When I first showed up in Metropolis as Superman, there was a lot of talk about what the world should do with someone who had powers like mine. And it took me a minute to realize that other people were more afraid of what I could do than I was. So what I had to do, more than anything, was earn their trust, prove to them that, no matter what, I would never use my powers to hurt them. 20 years later, every time I use my powers, that trust is tested, every time. Just today, in fact. The thing about trust, Jordan... Once you break it, it's take a lot longer to heal than a wrist.
Clark Kent and Jordan Kent

"Broken Trust" is the sixth and midseason premiere episode of the first season of Superman & Lois, and the sixth episode overall. It aired on May 18, 2021.



The scene opens with Tag assaulting Jordan, requesting how Jordan dealt with him. Declining to reply, Jordan rather utilizes his sign gadget to call Superman, who shows up, driving Tag away. Since Tag has super speed and safety, he's difficult to get, and when he cuts before a train, he almost crashes it, making Superman dismiss him.

Back at home, Clark and Lois are stressed over what may occur if Tag converses with individuals. Lois requests that Clark watch out for the young men while she examines Morgan Edge more; she presumes he may have something to do with the Stranger.

At the mines, Edge expresses gratitude toward Kyle for his assistance prevailing upon the local area, and offers to elevate Lana to top of the mine undertaking, utilizing the local area's confidence in all her his positive progress around going.

Back at school, Sarah tells Jonathan and Jordan that she will go to Metropolis to watch their next game, however super-hearing is by all accounts setting in and giving Jordan migraines and making his forces actuate. Jonathan needs to tell Clark and get him help, yet Jordan requests that he maintain it mystery until after the game.

Lois heads to Kyle and Lana's home, and requests help getting into the mine to assemble an argument against Edge. Kyle, effectively annoyed on the grounds that Lana got the advancement rather than him finding a new line of work, attacks Lois and undermines her. Lana turns her down substantially more amenably, saying that it's been too difficult to even consider watching Smallville pass on, to turn on the primary individual to appear as though they're modifying the economy.

Back at the Kent ranch, Clark brings the young men under the outbuilding, where he draws out a gigantic tree trunk that he used to punch up when he was figuring out how to utilize his forces. He requests that Jordan check it out, and after one bogus beginning, he does it.

Sam calls, revealing to Clark that Tag has been seen in Metropolis.

Lana is searching for a sitter for the following evening, when Kyle is taking her to supper. Sarah says that she'll avoid the football match-up to watch her younger sibling so her mother can commend her advancement. Outside her window, Tag is keeping an eye on her.

The following day at the game, Jordan gets called into the game to cover an especially forceful linebacker, however Jordan is debilitated when the whistle blows and falls, missing the square, and the quarterback is harmed. Jonathan convinces his approach to supplant the quarterback, and when the linebacker goes on and on to Jonathan, Jordan thumps him on his butt.

At the Kent ranch, Lois is astonished by a thump on the entryway; it's Captain Luthor, welcoming her to accompany him to investigate the mines. She is distrustful from the outset, yet he persuades her that being a solitary Black man would look dubious, which is the reason he welcomed her. They talk their direction into the mine, however the person at the entryway appears to be quite dubious.

Back at home, Sarah answers the entryway, believing it's the pizza fellow, however rather it's Tag, who has a super-speed freakout. At the point when she attempts to close the entryway on him, he runs inside.

After Smallville dominates the football match, a portion of the Metropolis players assault Jordan. Incapable to hold his forces under tight restraints, he needs to release his warmth vision into Clark's hand.

Back at home after supper, Lana and Kyle are discussing the coordinations of her new position. He reveals to her that he is pleased with her, regardless of whether he's still somewhat stung by Edge. Both of them begin kissing, and Sophia shows up all of a sudden to get some information about dessert. At the point when Kyle goes searching for Sarah, she's no more.

At a lodging in Metropolis, Clark addresses Jordan about how risky the circumstance was at the football match-up. Jordan begins saying that there were no manifestations, yet Jonathan tolls in to come clean with Clark. Jordan and Clark have a contention. Clark gets a call from Lana, uncovering that Sarah is absent and that a babysitter cam got Tag at the entryway.

In the mine, Lois and Captain Luthor are looking near, with him directing their way dependent on certain plans he had kept an eye on in their PCs. Pulling out a laser saw, he begins cutting into the divider.

In an unpleasant hideaway some place, Sarah awakens to acknowledge she has been seized by Tag. He uncovers that he ha super speed and carried her to Metropolis.

In the mines, Lois is beginning to presume Captain Luthor's story, yet before she can reach any resolutions, he tracks down the X-Kryptonite in the dividers. Before they can get out, however, Leslie Larr appears and attempts to shoot them with her warmth vision.

At the lodging, the group goes to the Kents' room and companion pressures them into coming out to a corner store for lager.

In the mines, Captain Luthor collects a weapon and shoots Leslie with it, debilitating her long enough to permit a getaway for him and Lois.

Above Metropolis, Superman zeroes in on Tag and Sarah with his super-hearing, yet before he arrives, Tag shows Sarah the video of the huge fire, revealing to her she thinks he has powers, and that he's liable for what ended up labeling

Superman shows up in the room, advising Tag not to run.

Somewhere else in the city, the Metropolis group appears at hassle the Smallville group, with Cutter (the linebacker) annoying Jordan specifically. As the DOD shows up to attempt to take out Tag, Superman steps before the slugs, yet makes an effort from certain shards of Kryptonite. Jonathan steps before Jordan to prevent him from harming Cutter, yet Jordan breaks his wrist.

After Superman discards the Kryptonite and afterward burns it with his heat vision, he persuades the troopers to remain down. They load Tag into the rear of the truck. Clark defies Sam about utilizing live adjusts and Kryptonite against a child, however needs to take off when he hears Jordan saying that Jon is harmed.

Outside the mines, Lois faces Captain Luthor, requesting to realize why he's lying about such countless things, yet gets a call from Clark and needs to commute home. There, Jonathan is pissed on the grounds that Jordan broke his arm and the specialist isn't sure that he will recapture full scope of movement. He reveals to Jordan that he realizes it was a mishap, yet that isn't the point. Clark concedes that he gets enticed to utilize his forces untrustworthily, as well, however that he has figured out how to hold them under wraps. He said that beating the feelings of trepidation that regular individuals had was a long excursion, and he must be acceptable to the point that they realized they could trust him.

The young men leave the room, and Lois educates Clark concerning what occurred at the mines. Presently she needs to dive into her alleged journalist companion just as Edge.

The following morning, Sarah reveals to Jordan that she was frightened, yet she realized Tag could never hurt her. She said that he was truly centered around Jordan, and educates him regarding the video. Jordan discloses to her that he doesn't have the foggiest idea why Tag would imagine that, and she reveals to him that he could advise her, regardless of whether there was something.

Inside their home, Lana discloses to Lois that she will assist find with trip whether Edge is planning some mischief perilous or unlawful, however that they can't tell Kyle.

After they leave, Lois attempts to reassure Jordan with frozen yogurt, yet he's discouraged that he doesn't have the foggiest idea what to do. He's racked with blame over harming Jon, and over misleading Sarah about his forces. He discloses to her that the forces are splitting apart him and others, and that he needs it to end, then, at that point gets another cerebral pain and falls. Clark shows up, examines Jordan's head, and flies him off to the Fortress.



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  • The episode was previously titled "Smells Like Teen Spirit".[1]
  • Jordan and Sarah become romantically involved while Jordan keeps his super abilities a secret from her. This is similar to the long on-and-off relationship between Clark Kent and Lana Lang on Smallville, where Clark avoided telling Lana the truth about his Kryptonian nature, despite loving her.