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"We are Brother Eye. Judgement has been rendered against this city, a sentence carried out. An earthquake. A siege. This is what comes next—a new life you will live on your knees, and it will take nothing more than a push of a button. We are in control now. And this is all just the beginning. Let there be light..."
—Brother Eye's televised message to Starling City[src]

Brother Eye was a cyberterrorist group led by Cooper Seldon.


Attack on Starling City[]

Brother Eye briefly shut down the power in Starling City and sent the city a message. They claimed they just needed the push of a button to bring the city to its knees. A few men of the organization later kidnapped Felicity and Donna Smoak. Their leader, Cooper revealed that he faked his death and worked with the NSA for five years. In those five years, Cooper learned that after a bank gets a financial cyber attack, the US treasury sends fresh cash. The trucks that are sent have a GPS which shuts down the trucks if it does not follow the route. Cooper ordered Felicity to hack into the GPS system and relocate them to arrive at their warehouse. Cooper had Donna at gun point, leaving Felicity no choice. After Felicity hacked into the systems and Cooper left to wait, Felicity contacted Team Arrow, where they intervened with Brother Eye from robbing the trucks.[1]

Known members[]



Season 3[]

Behind the scenes[]

  • In the DC comics, Brother Eye is a satellite with highly advanced, often malicious artificial intelligence. It was originally developed by Bruce Wayne. Brother Eye and the O.M.A.C. project were used together by Checkmate.