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"My brother needed me, the green one."
Diggle seeing Oliver as his brother over Andy

"Brotherhood" is the seventh episode of the fourth season of Arrow, and the seventy-sixth episode overall. It aired on November 18, 2015.



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While Ray won't come back to Palmer Tech, H.I.V.E. annihilates cash implied for the city bank. John gives Oliver data that H.I.V.E. killed his sibling Andy since he was a criminal opponent. Darhk enlightens Quentin regarding his insight into Quentin's selling out. The group heads to a lab, where they are assaulted by Darhk's gathering and John finds that Andy is as yet alive, working for H.I.V.E. John won't consider Andy to be anything over a backstabber, disgraceful of sparing. The group discovers that Darhk utilizes pills to control his agents' psyches, which could have been controlled to Andy. They find him and the remainder of H.I.V.E., effectively extricating Andy with assistance from Ray and John, who faces Andy with the reports, which Andy affirms. After an experience with Darhk, Thea discovers that his forces may help fix her bloodlust for all time after Darhk's inability to deplete her lifeforce. In flashbacks, Conklin uncovers that the specialist Oliver executed was Vald, Taiana's sibling, anyway Oliver occupies the allegation, contending that Conklin set Vald to slaughter him. Reiter finds reality by utilizing a supernatural article and has Oliver whip Conklin as discipline. Oliver later persuades Taiana to assist him with finding a guide.


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Preparation ran from September 10 until September 18, 2015. Shooting ran from September 21 until October 1, 2015.[1]