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"I understand that my parents weren't exactly the best people, but... if they taught me one thing, it's the value of family, which is what you and I are."
Oliver Queen to Emiko Adachi

"Brothers & Sisters" is the fourteenth episode of the seventh season of Arrow, and the one-hundred-fifty-second episode overall. It aired on March 4, 2019.



William is disregarding Oliver's calls and he can't arrive at his child as the last's phone message box is full. Rene takes a stab at soothing Oliver but the two begin contending whether Emiko can assist with the police division.

Diggle is effectively preparing the false Suicide Squad when Lyla busts in to disclose to them Dante's residue in the breeze. He goes to the Queen home and advises Oliver and Felicity that he's restored the GHOST Initiative. Felicity's incensed at Diggle's decision to remember Ricardo Diaz for the group, but Oliver has a go at talking her down.

Felicity texts Laurel about a reinforcement plan the two have left well enough alone if Diaz were to ever get out. It's uncovered that Felicity needs to hack the ARGUS centralized server and remote explode the bomb embedded in Diaz's mind, while Laurel talks her down. Felicity neglects it to Laurel that she's pregnant.

Oliver and Rene in the end consent to help Emiko discover her mom's executioner, despite the fact that she's not authorized. They track down an arms vendor named Andrew Thornton and Emiko needs to slaughter him, but Oliver captures him. Emiko leaves the scene disappointed at her sibling's activities.

The GHOST group has a go at setting up a gathering with Virgil for the benefit of Diggle. Their spread is blown and a fight sets on. In the long run, Virgil escapes by leaping out a window without giving the group any leads on Dante. After the bombed mission, Lyla uncovers her managers will request her renunciation on the off chance that they don't get Dante.

Diggle needs to have a go at catching the tricky criminal one final time and calls Oliver — and Felicity — to the field to help work close by Diaz. They merge on a gathering where Dante is yet after a short time, Diaz ruins the group's disguise — advising his previous manager that it's an arrangement, permitting Dante to get away.

In 2040, everybody settles their disparities and starts really concentrating on where to discover Felicity. They make the acknowledgment that Felicity utilized a coroner to organize her passing. Mia helps William fathom his Rubik's shape, which uncovers a strange tape.

The scene closes with Felicity illuminating Oliver that she's pregnant. Somewhere else, somebody soaks Diaz with fuel and lights him ablaze.


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