"I understand that my parents weren't exactly the best people, but... if they taught me one thing, it's the value of family, which is what you and I are"
Oliver Queen to Emiko Adachi.
"Brothers & Sisters" is the fourteenth episode of the seventh season of Arrow, and the one-hundred-fifty-second episode overall. It aired on March 4, 2019.


After months of covertly pursuing Dante, Diggle and Lyla finally have a solid lead on the elusive terrorist, so they deploy the A.R.G.U.S. Ghost Initiative to apprehend him. Meanwhile, Oliver tries to bond with Emiko.[src]


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  • The title, although refers to the bonding between Emiko and Oliver as well as William and Mia, shares the name with the TV series of the same name that Greg Berlanti used to work on as one of the series' executive producers while Beth Schwartz wrote two episodes.
  • This is the first episode where Echo Kellum is not credited in the main cast bill since season 5 due to his departure in the previous episode, "Star City Slayer".
  • This is the final appearance of Kirk Acevedo as he didn't appear for the duration of the series.
  • Amy Gumenick and Liam Hall made their final appearances in this episode as they didn't appear for the duration of the series.
  • The terrorist financier, Dante, and Virgil, the intermediary, might be a reference to Dante Alighieri, the author and protagonist of the Inferno, a poem written in Renaissance Italy, and the Roman Poet Publius Vergilius Maro or Virgil who is Dante's guide through Hell.
  • In this episode, Connor Hawke says that John Diggle is his adopted father, meaning that he is not, in fact, John Diggle, Jr. despite the fact that Joseph David-Jones, who plays Connor played JJ in the DC's Legends of Tomorrow episode "Star City 2046".
    • Joseph David-Jones revealed in an Instagram Q&A that the writers retconned his character's origins when asked about the 'reveal'.
  • The manner in which Ricardo Diaz is killed in this episode is reminiscent of the way that Diaz had murdered his childhood bully in "The Dragon".


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