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"The only way that we make it out of here is if we trust each other."
"We've been through worse, Oliver."
"I'm not sure that we have, John.
Oliver Queen and John Diggle

"Brothers in Arms" is the seventeenth episode of the sixth season of Arrow, and the one-hundred-thirty-second episode overall. It aired on April 5, 2018.



"Brother In Arms" begins with a gathering of cops collected by Dinah. We discover the gathering comprises of those that Dinah has by and by checked and affirmed not to be on Ricardo Diaz's finance.

Dinah requests that the gathering follow Anatoly and a couple of different individuals from the Bratva. They track down Anatoly, and with the assistance of Oliver and Diggle, they bring down the individuals from the Bratva.

Dinah and Oliver come back to City Hall and Dinah gives Oliver some an ideal opportunity to cross examine Anatoly. Oliver approaches Anatoly about the warped cops to which Anatoly uncovers that a lot more city representatives than just cops are on Diaz's finance.

Arrow busts in the space to reveal to him the head prosecutor is dropping any charges against Anatoly and his men.

At Arrow HQ, Diggle takes a stab at persuading Oliver to let him wear the green hood once more, and when Oliver won't, Diggle stomps off bombshell.

Diaz approaches one of the cops that was exploring Diaz's filthy cops. Diaz areas the great cop long enough for Anatoly to sneak up behind him and shoot him.

Group Arrow finds out about the homicide of Officer Hurst, and they right away acknowledge Anatoly and Diaz are behind it.

Diggle goes to talk with Lyla at ARGUS HQ. She hands over some intel the organization has on Diaz and his Vertigo exchange.

Oliver calls Captain Hill and District Attorney Armand into his office and causes them to concede they're working for Diaz. The two of them uncover they have conditions throughout their life that require the cash from Diaz. Oliver fires them two right away.

Arrow has returned home to talk with Black Siren, and we discover that she's as yet messaging Ricardo Diaz.

Oliver plunks down to chat with Diggle about the green hood. Diggle appears to be OK with Oliver's choice, and tells his companion that he acknowledges the trustworthiness.

Felicity tells the pair she has an area of one of Diaz's essential Vertigo sellers. They suit up and go to the area to scrutinize the vendor. About as he's prepared to give everything away, the seller is shot and executed by his sweetheart, who shouts that she's more faithful to Diaz than she is her beau.

Oliver and Diggle come back to Arrow HQ, and they contend about how each other took care of the circumstance at the Vertigo vendor's living arrangement. Diggle hollers at Oliver, grumbling that his companion doesn't confide in his choices.

Alarm finds an entryway at the Lance living arrangement partially open, and she's amazed by Ricardo Diaz, who's brought her supper.

Diggle comes back to talk with Lyla about his contention with Oliver.

In the wake of talking with Lyla, Diggle goes to converse with Oliver. He discloses to Oliver that his dissatisfactions were never with the green hood. Or maybe, his dissatisfactions laid with the individual who wore it: Oliver.

Diggle admits that putting the group under reconnaissance was a mix-up, and Oliver gets agitated as he might suspect Diggle helped him settle on that choice.

The contention raises until Oliver raises Diggle executing his own sibling, after which Diggle punches Oliver, and the two beginning battling. The two keep battling until Felicity strolls in and separates them.

Felicity tells the two that she's revealed the area of Diaz's new Vertigo activity. Diggle apologizes to Oliver, and the two suit up to go track down the activity.

Curtis and Dinah are working with a couple of the great cops on attempting to remove the degenerate cops when they're drawn nearer by all sides by the cops on Diaz's finance. One of them shoots Curtis, thumping him to the ground.

Oliver and Diggle show up at the Vertigo stockroom and begin taking out Diaz's associates. They ribbon the office with explosives and upon their takeoff from the structure, they level it with a blast.

Curtis awakens and works with Dinah to get their gathering emptied from the gunfight at the Helix building.

Oliver and Diggle come back to Arrow HQ, where the last apologizes again for what he said to Oliver. He stops before proceeding to concede he's despite everything directly in the idea that Oliver's administration abilities fail to impress anyone. Diggle reveals to Oliver that he's finished being a piece of his group.

Curtis and Dinah are proceeding to deal with Rene's little girl. They're cleaning Rene's condo when Nick — the official Curtis is dating — thumps on the entryway. He discloses to Dinah that Captain Hill has terminated them two and whatever other cop that wasn't on Diaz's finance.

Diggle's addressing Lyla, who extends to him an employment opportunity at ARGUS.

Oliver turns on the TV to find that Armand is attempting to seek after obstacle of equity charges against the civic chairman.


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  • Former police captain Kimberly Hill fired all of the cops that were not on Diaz's payroll. However, she had been terminated by the Mayor, "effective immediately", and therefore had no authority to dismiss any members of the force. Also, having removed all members of the force who were not corrupt, Hill essentially identified those who were.