During his lifetime, Bruce Wayne owned a lair secretly built under his mansion. He used the lair to store multiple objects and vehicles, notably his Batman suit and car.[1]


The lair was built sometime before 2019, under Bruce Wayne's mansion. One of the ways to enter the lair was from a secret door in the mansion's collection room.[1]

During the Anti-Monitor Crisis, when Bruce's cousin from an alternate universe, Kate Kane, came to recruit him, Bruce showed her the lair. Eventually Supergirl entered, warning Kate that Wayne killed Earth-99's Superman and he is not what he seems like. After a quick fight, Bruce got electrocuted by one of the objects in the lair, killing him instantly. It is unknown what happened to the lair afterwards.[1]

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Behind the scenes

The lair behind the scenes.

  • The lair is a reference for the Batcave. In the DC comics, the Batcave is located beneath Wayne Manor in Gotham City.
    • However, some of the DC comics and adaptations have shown smaller bunkers for Batman's tech underneath Wayne Enterprises.


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