"My parents taught me a very different lesson. Life only makes sense if you force it to."
—Bruce Wayne[src]

Bruce Wayne was an individual from Earth-99 who spent his lifetime protecting Gotham City as the vigilante Batman, Stylized as the "Dark Knight".[1]


Long before Crisis, when Superman came to Earth, Bruce saw Superman as a man full of power and extraordinary abilities unlike a mortal. Bruce saw this as a danger to the world. He went head-on against the "Man of Steel", and killed him. He was almost killed in the process; he now wears an exoskeleton so he can move around. [1]


"There is no hope."
—Bruce Wayne[src]

This version of Bruce was a stark contrast from his primary counterpart. He was much darker, pessimistic and hopeless.[1]


"Earth-99 exists in a future time where Bruce Wayne has dedicated himself, body and soul, to fighting crime."

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  • Peak of human physical condition: Bruce had dedicated his body to fighting crime. He had withstood a lifetime of injuries, most notably from Superman.[1]
  • Intimidation: The Gotham City Gazette described Bruce's war on crime as a "reign of terror". He lost track of how many people he killed.
  • Indomitable will: Bruce Wayne has dedicated his soul to fighting crime.[1]


  • Exoskeleton: After Bruce's fight with Superman, he had to wear a metallic Exoskeleton suit to help him move around.[1]
  • Kryptonite: Bruce used Kryptonite in his battle against Superman. Later using it against Kara Danvers when fighting against her. Some of his supply was taken by Kate Kane after his death.

Former Equipment

  • Batman suit: Whilst fighting crime in Gotham, Bruce wore a protective black suit stylized like a bat designed to both terrify his enemies and hide his identity from them.[1]

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Season 1


  • This is Kevin Conroy's first live-action appearance as Bruce Wayne.
  • This version of Bruce Wayne is like Ben Lockwood from Earth-38; who is prejudice towards aliens.


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