"They were powerful warlocks in Chile long before it was Chile."
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The Brujeria, also known as La Brujería (Spanish for "The Witchcraft"), is an organization of warlocks affiliated with demons and ancient malevolent deities. In an effort to bring upon the Rising Darkness and unite Hell and Earth-1 into a single dimension, they summoned a number of high-ranking demons.


The organization is highly secretive, with its warlocks concerned about keeping their identities secret, summoning and binding demons to act in their stead. As such, the warlocks' operatives include malevolent deities like Lamashtu and primordial evils like Nahash, showing just how powerful the people behind the summonings are.


The Brujeria operated in Chile long before it was Chile, remaining hidden for eons, despite the warlocks' bloodlines being documented. According to the legend, Brujeria wielded a magic the world hasn't seen since God created the universe. At some point, God attempted to destroy the group using the Great Flood. The Brujeria somehow managed to survive the event, while the world's occultists believed them to be eradicated from existence.[1]

In the 21st century the have risen again, intent on ushering in the Rising Darkness: a wave of appearances from ghosts, demons and other malevolent entities. The Rising Darkness, in turn, increased the magical power of dark mages like Lannis Cadogan's wife, who was able to turn Coblynau evil through her gypsy magic. John Constantine's team directly encountered the operatives of Brujeria while helping Anne Marie Flynn investigate the kidnappings of babies in Mexico City. The babies were being gathered by Lamashtu at Brujeria's orders, as their blood was connected to the bloodline of one of the warlocks, and thus had magical properties. When John Constantine stopped her using the Icon of Pazuzu, he was attacked by Invunche, another monster summoned through the Rising Darkness. To combat it, John has struck a deal with Satan and allowed himself to be possessed by Pazuzu.[2]

The Brujeria, alerted by Invunche and Lamashtu's defeats, sent a primordial evil, the Original Serpent Nahash to destroy Constantine. Nahash worked together with the British diplomat Stanley Gibson to trap John in prison, and then devoured Stanley and took on his form. Infiltrating the prison as Gibson, Nahash confronted John and the team and revealed the Brujeria's decision to destroy them for daring to stop their Rising Darkness. However, he decided to leave John alive, as possessed by Pazuzu he'd become an ally rather than an enemy, attacking Chas Chandler instead. He was then dissolved into a pile of snakes when Anne Marie Flynn stabbed him with a Phurba.[2]


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Behind the scenes

  • In DC Comics continuity, Brujeria is an organization of male warlocks from South America who were fierce enemies of John Constantine, responsible for summoning Invunche and killing members of Newcastle Crew, including Anne Marie.


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